Trigger 4

Problem: How to maximize the use of resources and changing policies to boost the country’s economy?

Learning objectives

What are indicators of economy’s status and what could affect national economy?

What types of international policy will affect the local economy and what are the effects of international policies on local economy?

How can government help to boost the economy?

How to use resources in an effective and sustainable way?


Real GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

M2 (Money Supply)

Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Producer Price Index (PPI)

Consumer Confidence Survey

Current Employment Statistics (CES)

Retail Trade Sales and Food Services Sales

Housing Starts (Formally Known as “New Residential Construction”)

Manufacturing and Trade Inventories and Sales

S&P 500 Stock Index (the S&P 500)


Wall Street Crash and its effects worldwide.

What led the US economy to a collapse.


One of the ways for the government to boost the economy is support the small businesses.

Government size matters: The most recent studies find a significant negative correlation: An increase in government size by 10 percentage points is associated with a 0.5 to 1 percent lower annual growth rate.

[In Europe], higher initial government size has led to slower economic growth… Government [spending] reduces growth, particularly when it exceeds 40 percent of GDP.


This vision is to be realised through four key strategic goals:

  1. Finland has a thriving bioeconomy generating high added value.
  2. Finland utilises and recycles material flows effectively.
  3. Regional resources generate both national added value and local wellbeing.
  4. Finland takes initiatives and leads the way on natural resource issues.

Areas for change:

I The bioeconomy

II The material cycle

III Regional resources

IV International cooperation

V Administration and regulation