**11 lessons from a millionaire**

4 years ago, I was quitting London and my salaried job as well, to move to Paris. I had €1,000 euros in my bank account ,- more like €800 — I was in debt, and to top that, I had no prospects whatsoever.
At first, it was fun, I thought : Take it easy. I started writing again. I had a blog, and so I thought I’d get back to it. And very soon I found myself losing balance and wondering : What the hell am I even doing?
I remember watching people who were doing quite well, people who didn’t struggle in life. For them, things seemed to fall into place quite easily, whereas for me, not quite, I felt lost. I sort of hoped someone would just tell me: <Here Lyvia, this is what you were made for, this is your purpose in life, go do this > That would have been comforting.
I’ve learned a few things since:

Lesson no.1 : 
No one really knows what he/she is doing ! The people who I thought had it all sorted out, and who seemed to have everything under control, were in fact asking themselves the same questions as I. Of course they seemed to be ahead in the game of life, but they too frequently wondered what the next move would be.
4 years later I stand by this, no one knows what they’re doing.
My life has been turned upside and I still feel I have no clue what I’m doing at times. And it’s worked so far, so…
The first year as a freelance, I tried out all kinds of things: I taught math, english for preschoolers, and I even learned web development for 3 months. And each time I thought I was getting closer to finding my true calling. I was in the need for something real, something that would look good on paper. I even applied for a bakery.
I don’t regret anything, for it was during that period that I discovered what I didn’t want, and what didn’t feel right. I was in the process of finding out who I was and so I got to experience many new and different things.

Lesson no. 2:
If you never try, you’ll never know. You’ll probably want to get involved in as many projects as possible, and most of them will probably make no sense at all, or won’t seem to have anything in common with one another. But you’ll eventually find out they do make sense. Even if you’re not sure where they are leading you. Every single one of those things make up an important part of how you are, and who you will become. Go out there, explore, you never know.
It took me over a year to finally admit I was in fact already doing what I most desired: writing! I was hosting workshops at the time, but funny as it may sound, I didn’t think I would actually be able to make a living out of it. It was as if I was only doing it while I waited for the right job, when in fact, that was my real job.
Of course, part of me entertained the idea that I would become an entrepreneur, but it was all too risky. Until one day I finally made up my mind, I thought: “you know what, that IS going to be me, I will become and entrepreneur and do things my way”, and that ultimately did the trick.
To discover my true calling, all I had to do was make one simple decision. I decided to be me and do what came naturally to me.

Lesson no. 3:
More often than not, the answer is right under your nose. It just so happens that it’s too good and too beautiful to be true, so you think, maybe, there’s something more “rational” awaiting you. There’s not. There’s no such thing as ‘Too obvious to be true’ either, it only means it’s what you were meant to being doing all along. It is who you are. The more obvious it seems, the more it is true! Easy, right?
I was still happy to have made that choice, but my bank account wasn’t doing well. (This was on November 2014). I was forced to leave my apartment and move in with a friend for a few months. I felt like I had to launch something, but it just wasn’t flowing for me.
Honestly, it was faith and perseverance alone that kept me going during that time. It was like entering a long, dark and humid tunnel, and not being able to see more than a few centimeters into it. And then there was a part of me still insisting on letting things happen, convinced something would eventually work itself out.
And so on day, after much flitting around, I came up with an idea for my first online program.
I just went for it. My goal was to make €10,000, and even though it seemed waaay out of my league, I did it, it happened for me, it was almost magical. I felt as if I had long and hard tried to open a can full of candy, and it just suddenly popped open. And I was eating all of it, not even thinking twice about it. Well it’s obviously not the best analogy, I don’t even eat candies myself, but you get the point.

Lesson no. 4:
Persevere. Persevere ESPECIALLY when you’re exhausted and you feel you’ve still got a long road ahead of you. Because one day, in a single second, everything can change. And you’ll never know if it was the minute after you quit. Do not give up! If you feel like you’re on the right track, keep going. There will be a times of uncertainty, that is for sure. But it’s those moments that will strengthen you and define who you are. Believe me.
In addition to my entrepreneurial activity, I also decided on something I didn’t feel strongly about: I started looking for a job, at least for a few months, to be able to put some money in my pocket. I hated myself for doing that. The truth is, right before the launching of my program (which ironically kicked off the minute I found a job), I was in desperate need of money. Working in France was out of the question. I loved the British work culture so much, that I headed back over there to work at a small start-up company. It was okey, I did well for about 4 months until I finally had a complete meltdown. I couldn’t handle it anymore, I was beyond exhausted. I was working on my business in the morning right before heading to the office, and again on the evenings after I was done, and then on weekends, too. I would sometimes spend 15 hours straight working on the content for my program, and it was just all too much. It was great having the extra cash… but I was drained.
Having said that, I don’t regret doing it, not one bit. It was part of my life path.

Lesson no. 5: 
Do what you gotta do to keep your project going. Sometimes that means taking up a job in order to stay clear of debt.
Financial stress can put a lot of pressure onto your business. You may end up trying to complete sales with an energy that just screams ‘shortage’, and I promise you nothing good will ever come out of that. Know when to stop. Nurture your project, and don’t loose sight of your main goal. Don’t take detours, not when you already know what’s ahead of you, just don’t.
What followed was in fact, I think, a good year. Things weren’t exactly stable, but they seemed to move in that direction. We’re now in the year 2015, and I’ve just quit my job in London — again.
From that moment up until September 2016, I kept selling the same program many more times. Cash was flowing but I wasn’t exactly where I wanted to be yet, and I wasn’t quite doing what I’d set out to do initially. It was during this time that I went through life changing-phases of alignment, introspection and self-discovery. I was scared at times. What am I saying ? Many times. How was I to maintain something I didn’t feel completely certain of.
I wanted to stabilize my business and I thought, all it would take was making my program a regular thing, and offering it to many more people, but that didn’t seem to flow.
I felt exhausted after every single launching, and I was starting to feel frustrated and bored as well. So one day I decided I would launch that program one more time and that would be the end of it. I would make place for the things I was REALLY meant to be doing.

Lesson no. 6 :
When you do things that are not in alignment with who you truly are, even if they’re bringing money into your pocket, and making it seem like it’s all going in the right direction, they’re simply not gonna work.
You’ll eventually feel frustrated, tired, and agitated. And it’s only because it’s not what you were meant to be doing in the first place.
When you follow your purpose, joy and peace will come to you.
If you’re feeling frustrated and shaken up, you’re not where you’re supposed to be. You may not actually far, but it’s enough to make you feel that way. Check in with yourself, listen to yourself, and follow your purpose.
In September 2016 I drove my business into the ground, or so I thought, but apparently I was the only one to think that. I decided to change my brand, and my target audience as well. I thought the message had to remain the same, but I wasn’t even sure what the message was anymore.
I had enough money to get by (comfortably) for a couple of months, and so I set out to do ONLY things that I really loved and resonated with.
I decided to write whatever popped into my head,
I touched on several different subjects such as business, love, feminism, etc. I was simply letting myself be carried by my own ideas, not knowing exactly where they might lead me.
And then one day I released a very powerful message, which happened to take over my website. I put out an offer, and once again the wheels were set in motion.
I decided right there and then to not hold myself back any longer and to say what I had to say, all the time, every day. To sell whatever I felt like selling, every day. The truth is, I had never felt so free and light. I had no rule but to take one step at a time. You’ll discover one day, lots of those steps make up one giant leap.
Lesson no. 7:
The void matters. When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re often afraid of falling into a void. We’re uncomfortable with not having a plan and not knowing where we’re going. Still, those are usually the best moments in life. Those are the moments that will define you, and the ones in which you will create entirely new and different things. You’re afraid because you’re not sure what we outcome will be. But in the end, if you stay true to yourself, and you keep doing things that are in alignment with who you are, you can’t possible go wrong.
It’s all about taking the plunge as many times as possible, and enjoying yourself while you’re at it.
From the moment I committed to writing every single day, doing things that were in alignment with who I was, and selling as much as I could, my numbers exploded, and my business grew.
Your life is made up of choices you make every day, and so I realized more and more, how important it was to not wait any second longer, to start living the life I desired, by staying true to myself.
This is one of the key elements to my business and my success, everyday commitment. I’m not trying to show off here, but I happen to have a pretty remarkable discipline!
Every morning, after waking up, I read to open up my mind, I spend hours looking at my notes, to figure out where I’m standing now, what I’m trying to achieve and what my intuition is asking from me.
Once I’ve figured out what it is, I’m supposed to do, I just do it, no questions asked. Some might argue it is not the most effective method.
The only thing keeping me from moving forward every now and then, is letting fear get in the way, thus denying what it is i REALLY want to do, either because it strikes me as too simple, or too great.
But once I’ve identified what’s happening, I can look fear in the face and act on it. That’s why everything around me moves so fast, I try my hardest to get things done.

Lesson no 8. :
Check in with yourself every day to figure out what needs to be done. And then do it.
This lesson is the BACKBONE of how I’ve built my personal and professional life.
There’s a part of you that knows EXACTLY what you have to do, and you need to be able to listen. EVERY DAY, not every once in a while, or when you feel like you’re out of alignment.
In my new program, Rebecca (That’s my Intuition’s name), we’ll go over the key elements that will help you succeed in life. We’ll work on listening to your intuition as part of your daily routine, trusting it and ultimately following it. Your intuition is EVERYTHING, i’m serious.
Not holding myself back.
Listening to my intuition.
Understanding what she (Rebecca) is trying to tell me to do.
Actually doing it.
That’s what keeps me going.
I decided to call this article “Lessons from a millionaire”, because even though the million is part of next year’s projections, I FEEL like a millionaire.
This week I’m moving into a house that feels like a million. My business, and the people I work with, they too are worth a million.
Every single intuition transformed into an action, has lead us to take chances.
Be it bringing someone new into the team, when it clearly wasn’t something we felt comfortable doing in the first place, taking a trip to New York and staying there for 3 months just for the sake of it, or deciding to bring up new subjects in conversation, other than just business.
Every little decision propels us. Eventually those small steps you take, will turn into a giant leap.

Lesson no. 9 :
Once again: DON’T GIVE UP.
At any moment, your reality could change.
Each day, take a step towards the things that matter the most to you. One day, you’ll open your eyes and realize you’ve made it there.
You know what really changed for me this year?
I stopped believing the things I was reaching for were out of my league.
I stopped believing it is all too far, and that it would take years for me to get there.
I was completely wrong. In fact, everything was within my reach.
I could dream big, and get things done quite quickly. It was all too clear for me when the numbers came in, and I saw that I went from making in a month, what I was making in a year. And that’s how I know I can shoot for the million next year.
I set myself very big goals because they’re exciting, and the more I do about it, the closer I get to achieving them.
I always dreamed of living in a house, rather than an apartment. Until I decided it wasn’t a dream anymore, but a goal, and that I was to do everything in my power to achieve that goal as quickly as possible.
A year ago, I wasn’t even sure I could make the rent. Today, I’m living in house that’s 3 times the size of my old apartment.
We think of our dreams as something far-fetched, something unattainable.
I honestly think, if you can imagine it, if you can feel it, it’s already there. The only thing missing, is you allowing yourself to go straight after that dream, not letting things get in the way.
Remember: The universe is not gonna throw things at you that you can’t handle.

Lesson no. 10: 
Stop adding unnecessary stages. Stages are there to give rational people a sense of control. If I do this, and then that, I’ll have achieved my goal. First of all that’s bullshit. You DON’T know where it will take you. You’re not it control of it. Second of all, you’re wasting your time for nothing. You can achieve your wildest dreams a lot faster than that, by taking a step towards that GREAT dream, every single day. Intermediate dreams are worthless.
The last thing I wanna share with you, is that everything that’s happened for the past few months in my life, was possible only because I surrounded myself with good people.
When you look at stories of success, you may think people did it all on their own, that, they alone posses all the ressources and information they require. In fact, one of the most powerful pieces of information your intuition can provide you with, is knowing who to surround yourself with.
Me, i’ve surrounded myself with the greatest people, and it’s not by accident, it’s not because I was lucky. I had to establish limits, end relationships and transform a whole bunch of them as well, for them to flow effortlessly.
I get the emotional support I need from my close friends and family. With them, I feel safe, and no matter what I do or say, I know they always have my back, their love is unconditional.
I also have a great circle of entrepreneur friends, ever since my business kicked off.
It is thanks to them, their support and their help that I’ve achieved a few dreams of mine.
I also have a coach and mentor who pushes and encourages me to be myself, to follow my purpose and to do all sorts of crazy things!
I have an exceptional team. It is truly a privilege to work side by side with them, but it didn’t come out of nowhere. Each member of the team came into my life at a moment where I wasn’t even ready for him/her, and made a huge difference.
I never cease to learn, and one of the things I’ve come to value the most, is learning to trust my intuition, and with this, learning to truste others, particularly those who work with me.
I’ve learned to let go and be helped by others.

Lesson no. 11. :
Surround yourself with the right people.
Let go of relationships that don’t suit you or do you any good. Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions in order to make your conversations flow. Don’t be afraid to look for new people in your life, and certainly don’t be afraid to ask for their help and their support.
This is what I’ve learned in the past 4 years as an independent entrepreneur.
When i realize how much my life has changes, tears rush down my face!
If I think of all those nights, where I thought I was just being crazy, all those times I thought I wouldn’t be able to make a living out of it or that I wouldn’t have enough money to get by. That feeling of being completely lost and desperate to find a job — which was simply death to me — and all the obstacles I had to go through, I can’t help but looking back and thinking, it was all worth it.
Being a millionaire, does not mean making tons of money. It means going after your wildest dreams, and loving yourself so much that you’ll hold on to them as hard as you can and won’t ever let go. Being a millionaire means taking risks, putting yourself on the line, falling, and getting back up, for as many times as you need to.
But above all, it means, doing what you’ve come here to do.
It is not about the money.
Ever since I follow my purpose, I’m doing great.

Thanks for reading,