tell It like it Is

Myleik Teele, via Instagram (7.2.17)

One of my favorite podcasts is Myleik Teele’s My Taught You. Myleik is the creator and founder of curlBOX, a hair care product subscription service for women with kinky/curly hair. With a heavy emphasis on entrepreneurial advice for millenials, she’s part mentor, part big sister, and all homegirl (you secretly want to be like). Her podcast is a buffet of anecdotal evidence of being a successfully ambitious Black woman.

On several occasions, Myleik testifies to the peaks AND the valleys, conveying how her father’s unconditional support and affirmation were dire to her success. Sure there are the high-profile clients and glamorous photo ops NOW, but Myleik, at one point, was so broke she couldn’t afford a can opener; and was even arrested for a DUI (and booked for it twice!).

Myleik Teele, via Instagram (6.18.17)

Today, after these roadblocks, Myleik’s father continues to admire her, not because she is his daughter, but mostly, because she has not hidden the fact that she has made poor choices. Myleik’s dad told her, “I knew you’d be successful because you’re not afraid of your story.”

How many of us ARE too afraid of our story? Whether it’s because we don’t think people will hold us in love and light, or we do think people will judge us. How often do we hide under layers of performance with our authentic Selves buried under shadows of seeming success? When was the last time you were your honest-to-goodness Self and felt safe in that space?

Are YOU afraid of your Story?

Are you afraid of your Truth?

If so, check your surroundings. If you’re going to be like the five people you spend the most time with, ensure that they are whole and honest themselves (unless you’re fragmented and janky yourself…then you attract what you are *side eye*).

In the midst of chaos and turmoil, prioritize your radical Self-Care and surround your Self with love and light. Be in the presence of friends and family who create safe spaces where you can let your soul slouch. Don’t let these headlines cause you to shrink or feel hopeless. Your story matters and your voice is needed. We need your story…and we need your voice.

We all we got.

Beyoncé, Lemonade, 2016.