Medium Post 3

  1. ) How does where we are from or how we identify influence who we are?

Where we come from plays a major role in how we choose to identify ourselves. The place we live in has a certain culture and the things that culture values are what we choose to hold true about ourselves. However, sometimes we may disagree with those values and choose to not identify as so. But in the end it influences who we are as a person because our morals and values make up who we are as a person.

2.) How is identity affected when we move from one place to another? What might stay the same? What might change?

One’s identity can shift greatly if someone moves into a new location. Cultures play a major role in what we choose to identify as and the world consists of many types of cultures. So, I feel that because of that when we move, when essentially try to assimilate into that particular locations culture. We change based off of the culture of a certain location and we keep the values that our past location’s culture shares with our new one.

3.) What is the value of knowing and reflecting on where you are from or how you identify?

I believe knowing who you are as a person can bring great satisfaction. Being able to stay true to where you come from and the values of that place are pivotal in creating our indentity. So I feel like reflecting and knowing these things can help us understand who we are as a person. Also we can find community in how we identify because our similarities are what brings us together.

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