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What does loneliness mean to you? Have you ever been haunted by the feeling that you are all alone?

Almost everyone has experienced these: you eat alone, go home alone, attend the concerts alone. For some of us, these occasions are not big deals. But for the others, these sorrow moments can affect them easily. Loneliness, the very moment everyone has been through, is always a familiar part of our lives.

You may wonder, as you reach here, what is the purpose of this page? Don’t panic! We are not psychologists who command you to hold positive attitudes towards loneliness. Just some stories, some real stories happen to someone just like you and me. Some may please you, some may make you cry. But most importantly, we want you to feel being understood. Picturing the noun in everyone’s heart, and present it to the bigger world, is the ultimate of this page.

As the name implied, this is an inn for anyone. When you feel exhausted and lost, when you don’t know whom to turn to, come to us, and Loneliness Inn will relax you.

Each week, we will invite a friend to have a conversation with us and share their stories. What does loneliness mean to them? What have they experienced? How do they deal with them?

These stories will reveal nothing important, to be honest, but one simple truth, loneliness is a normal feeling and it happens all the time.

This week, we present you the founder of Loneliness Inn, Freddie Z.

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We are born alone, and we live alone

When I get to Bobst Library of NYU at 10, Freddie is already there waiting for me. We greet, buy coffee and sit at a desk close to the window.

He looks tired, because of staying up late yesterday. So we agree on making the conversation short. Then I throw the question out: “Why Loneliness Inn?”

“The beginning of this idea was easy,” he smiled, “One day I was walking along the 5th Ave and overheard a short conversation: ‘We are all New Yorkers, we look down and walk.’ When I heard this, I was astonished.”

“Why?” This doesn’t quite make sense to me.

He explains: “As a foreign student here, I always take it for granted that I act all by myself because I know few people here. But actually, it isn’t. Everyone has such a personal moment, even if you are walking with a group of friends. We focus on our own staff and live with it.”

My curiosity just grows: “But that has nothing to do with loneliness, right? It is just ignoring the others.”

“Yes,” he nods, “But there are others who don’t do that on purpose, just because no one is there.”

“That’s a huge jump from the original topic!”, I laugh.

“But what happens next, I just kept wondering how they deal with that. Some people are just good at being alone while others are experiencing a hard time of the same occasion. So I want to collect their stories, see how they can’t take it no more, survive from the negative emotions, or perfectly deal with it.”

OK, I know what I will spend my time for the next months and I’m quite satisfied with the answer.

He stops me from packing my things into the bag.

“One more thing,” he adds, “put this sentence in the blog.”

“Don’t be ashamed of feeling alone. We born alone and we’ll live alone. And that’s not a big deal. Just face it.”

As walking in the elevator, I notice that Freddie become the unemotional people I know again. But he lives the life quite well, I think.

Because he enjoys living alone.

If you want to share your own story with us, just leave your comments here.

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See you next week.

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