Being A Young Start-Up Owner: The Big Disconnect

Its a massive challenge like I think people can imagine it but until your actually doing it you wont understand. I’m 20 now so I've been running my business for 5 years so I’ve seen alot of things and worked with some cool people on some amazing collaboration. I think the biggest downsize to all this because your in this kinda mindset to always push yourself to new levels your growing at a crazy speed. Faster than your classmate or anyone your age so when you finally do take breaks like i do you feel like an outcast. Like the things I worry about alot of people my age cant really see the connect. My dream is to be a great entrepreneur I want to be able to bring opportunity back home to Africa and grow the next generations of entrepreneurs so we can rebuild Africa.

So I’m constantly looking for new projects,saving money and evaluating myself and my business looking for new industries to explore and what software I can build to solve problems their. My mind is thinking about that everyday and every night so when someone comes to me frustrated about school or relationships I cant connect because school is simple follow the rules and you'll succeed. In life you create your own direction theirs no clear way to do anything theirs no one their to really guide you and be like this is success. You have to be creative and be able to think for yourself you have to know yourself and that’s a big thing knowing yourself and your path. I’m always up to explore and try new things I’m writing on Medium I hate writing but I just wanted to see if maybe I’m a medium guy.I think young entrepreneurs were just pushed more than anyone our age to meet these expectation and goals that we set for ourselves. We’ve seen the benefits of exploring new things the benefits of dreaming big so our eyes are always open looking for the next adventure.We don’t get excitement from being in the club or at party well at least I don’t my rush comes from pitching my ideas in front of people. Or seeing a marketing strategy go as planned. We gave up our teen years to follow a dream we could only see we were made fun of by our parent and peers. The biggest question isn't how we can bridge that connection its when should we start the challenge of reaching out.