Play Lab / Process: Analyzing Fitbit

I began wondering whether an ad or video is really the best way to portray the information I wanted to show. Does and ad really say enough about the product to tell a full story? I decided to research how similar companies advertise and tell their stories.

I analyzed Fitbit’s website to see how a similar product went about describing and promoting itself.

The site opens up by advertising its line of products. Each product then links to its own product page, as can be seen below:

Localization like this seems to be a good way to thoroughly describe a product’s features and how it can be used. The opening page for this product, as for the rest of Fitbit’s products, have a product video. The video is good way to show the product and use and give it a personality, but the information can just as easily be, and is, described on the webpage itself.

The rest of the homepage has links to a description of the app as well as a page that explains why Fitbit is at the forefront if this technology.

Some screens of the app can be seen below:

The Fitbit monitors and the app shows certain daily activities, comparing today’s results to previous results. These can also be shared with the user’s Fitbit community either for competition or to send encouragement.

This concept of sharing data is something I would like to take advantage of for my own proposal, because this is where much of the controversy will come from.