Play Lab / Process: Bathroom System Portrayal — Video

Lauren Zemering
Sep 19, 2016 · 2 min read

It was hard to pinpoint a single storyline to best portray the proposed bathroom system and its side effects and sideshows. A definitive stance would need to be taken in the narrative of the video. Considering this is a product that would be introduced to consumers, I thought to make an ad for the system instead. Clearly, the ad would advocate product but because it wouldn’t feature the story of real consumers, it would be less biased in a single direction. With an ad, the side effect and side shows could be shown in some other manner.

Idea #1

Youtube seems like an obvious place for a video so I began to think of other places an add might be featured…

Idea #2 Where is the product sold?
Could it be bought from Amazon?
-would include photos and ad video
-reviews would show people’s reactions
-suggestions would show other tech it might be paired with

Idea #3 Tech Blog
Tech blogs could show the ad and then discuss the product
Blogs have the advantage that they are biased and can discuss various aspects of the product. Could be a sequence of multiple articles dealing with different side effects and side shows.

Idea #4 Product Website
Perhaps the video is displayed on the product’s website.
This would allow for more detail on the system.
Side effects and side shows could still perhaps be shown with reviews of FAQ’s.

Then I began thinking…could a product website be enough? Is a video the best way to explain this or could it be done more simply, yet with more detail?

    Lauren Zemering

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    Industrial Design student @ CMU