Play Lab / Process: Side Effects and Side Shows in the form of Tech Reviews

A product page would be a great way to showcase the features of a product, but what about the side effects and sideshows?

Originally, this was going to be included in the video, and next it was going to be shown in rebuttable videos, comments, and FAQs that would be posted alongside the ad. One of the best ways for the side effects of projects to become known and to learn about new developing technologies, however, are through tech blogs. The advantage of tech blogs are that they are inherently biased and highly opinionated, which serves well for reactions to this proposed system. It also allows for a wide range of topics to be addressed, such as:

  • The invention of smart mirrors and how this is projected to change the industry.
  • Health Hacking — Are people now trying to steal people’s health data? Who and for what purpose?
  • Outrage at the lack of privacy that this system imposes
  • Somebody having solved a health mystery because of system
  • Health groups that are forming because of common results/diagnosis/habits etc.
  • Yahoo answers article about concern regarding system

These could either be written blogs and articles or simply headlines that hint at the side effects and side shows that are taking place.

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