Speak Lab / Solution

In having decided to focus on civilians as my source of intervention, I would like to repost something that was outlined in a previous blog:

“The goal is for interactions between police officers and community members to be:

  • Lawful
  • Comfortable for both parties
  • Clear as to why they are happening
  • As non-fatal as possible”

This requires, on part of the community member:

  • To understand what wrong has been done
  • To be able to effectively communicate with the officer
  • To be non-aggressive in the face of being targeted, apprehended, etc.”

Having defined these requirements, I did the “If this, then that” exercise from the perspective of a community member.

Possible solutions:

Solution 1:
-Website source for information on local laws, national laws, examples of how an interaction is supposed to go for specific interactions
-Outlining what a cop’s role is

What would make someone look at this? How do people get this information?

Solution 2:
-Class that is taught in middle school. Learn laws local and national
-role play with a police officer
-coffee with an officer

Solution 3:
-How to interact with officers handbook.
-with resources to learn your local laws
-who to call for what
-examples of scenarios
-discussions of how officers are trained

how would people receive this? how do we make sure they read it?

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