Play Lab / Exercise 3: Story Telling Scenario

Maya is woken up by her morning alarm and reaches for her phone to turn it off. She checks her notifications, which are a combination of emails, text messages, and reminders. A notification pops up, prompting her to get her day started.

She enters the bathroom and briefly looks at herself in the mirror. Once she has placed her phone in the dock next to the door, the new song of the day begins to play. As per her usual routine, she sits down on the toilet and the system begins to collect pertinent health information from her urine, uploading it to her phone. She steps away from the toilet, which flushes automatically and begins undressing for her shower. When she steps onto the bathroom mat, it senses and measures her weight, and gets the water up to a comfortable temperature. By raising just slightly off the mat onto her toes and resting her feet back down, water begins to flow out of the shower head. Maya goes about her normal routine — washing her hair and body using soap from the automatic dispenser, and shaving her legs using her System razor. When she is done, she opens the curtain and steps onto the mat. The water stops.

Wrapped in her towel, Maya stands in front of the mirror and prepares her toothbrush. As she brushes her teeth, there is a knock at the door. “Can I use the toilet? I have to pee!” she hears one of her housemates exclaim. 
 “I’m plugged in,” Maya mumbles with her mouth full of toothpaste.
“What?” asks her housemate.
“I’m plugged into the system, gimme a few minutes,” she clarifies.
“Ugh, hurry up!”

Maya finishes her routine, docking her toothbrush back on its charger and unplugging her phone from the system. As she makes her way out of the bathroom, passing her housemate in the hall she apologizes, “Sorry…” Her housemate rushes in and closes the door.

— — — — — — — —

On her way to school, Maya opens her System app and looks at the results of her morning routine. It appears she is doing well, but not as good as yesterday. A message pops up in the inbox — a note from her doctor. 
“Looks like you were a little dehydrated yesterday. Try to drink more water today!” it says. Feeling relatively good about her results, however, she decides to post them to her feed. Scrolling down her feed, she notices that her mom hasn’t been very active recently.

“You been using the System?” She asks in a text.
Her mom returns the thumbs down emoji. “The world doesn’t need to know about my bathroom business.”

Maya stops by the bathroom on her way to class, putting her phone on the dock. An article pops up for her to read.

Next to her, a man enters the stall and gives the dock a concerning look. He places his phone in his pocket, pulling out a magazine.


Phone dock for wall
Colored indicators for toilet, razor etc.
Colored shower mat
Dock for toilet
App interface

Clear shower curtain?

Story Boarding