Video Script

Life is full of hurdles. Some we are born with or acquire with age. Most are due to a neglect of the context in which our experiences exist and a lack of understanding the role small moments play in our complex lives.

Rather than considered and fluid experiences we find ourselves dealing with isolated developments and unintegrated difficulties. Our hurdles being aggravated by lack of consumer empathy.

Whether minor inconveniences, or bigger burdens, these hurdles hinder our ability to engage in the things we find truly important and take away from the experiences we might be capable of having.

Design can make our hurdles smaller, less frequent, or even non-existent. It can ease or eliminate the physical burdens in life and afford us the agency to become more capable, independent, and satisfied with ourselves.

Design is for real people and all that our lives are. Good design has the power to enrich us and create experiences that are enjoyable and well integrated in our hectic lives. By putting the user first, in his or her unique circumstances, we can build a society that works for us, and works for all of us.

With fewer hurdles we have less to worry about and more time to spend how we want, and be who we want.

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