Half a month to NS

Its like 2 weeks to enlistment. I’m still secretly hoping that I get into SPF, despite my colour blindness and low IQ.

Initially I thought becoming a policeman was just a one-time, brief period of enthusiasm. Till I heard Mum tell our relatives in KL in cantonese, that I wanted to be like that since young. I asked her what she meant, she gave an example, which was me buying toys that were mostly revolvers. Well thinking back, I don’t think I ever played with a toy rifle.

But lets drop the subject, the higher your hopes, the greater the disappointment.

Moving on

JB last weekend 26/03.

Horrible experience trying to get into JB, with wf jd jh. Rendezvous arnd 1.30 and took the public bus in. This was what awaited us at the Msia customs.

The queue was so long that it stretched back to where the upriding escalator was. Took us 1.5hrs to clear the immigrations. In the meanwhile we had no wifi, so we merely talked horseshit, at the same time preventing several dogs from cutting our queue. Yes, they are dogs. Selfish dogs. An Indian Muslim was trying hard to cut into our queue, fortunately we managed to push her back out into the awkward lane between lane 3 and 4. But serves her right, I saw her passport, it was a Singaporean passport, and she wanted to cut her fellow Singaporean’s queue? Shouldn’t she learn to queue as well? All of us did. She has no right to skip the queue. Firstly not chiobu, secondly not president. So why cut?

Our hunger pangs got us looking for food desperately. Headed to this cafe that I wanted to visit the previous time I came with pie : Faculty of Caffeine. They sell nice pancakes!

Salted egg crab la

Korean fried chicken pancakes for wf and jh.

Typical butter pancakes for jd.

Portion a lil small, but it’s delicious! Pls refrain from asking for ice water like wf did, cuz there’s already 2 small bottles of drinking water provided on the table, pls do not be mistaken that they are merely placed there for decorative purposes 😂

Headed to Bukit Indah right after late lunch. Had a walk around AEON. Got my fav drink YIPPEE.

I ordered double scoop rootbeer float 😁😍

Had dinner at this place Yijia, it’s Tze char btw, recommended by jd’s mum, but highly discouraged by us. Its too inconvenient. But it’s a different story if you have a car. The food is ok and the variety is good. Had a hard time returning to AEON, no cabs were around to get us back, so we walked by the road shoulders. Yes guys, no pavement. The government received donation from Middle East still no money build pavement. 😏

Had blackball for dessert, caught the last CW3 bus of the day, that goes back to JE via 2ndlink. There was a horn rampage by the driver, think some other Johore cars hogged the bus lane, infuriating the driver.

2nd Link aka Tuas had a smooth traffic, unlike what we experienced in the day. Fun day with them in overall.

Satisfaction 297% for me cuz the rate is 2.97 when I exchanged. 😩 not exactly good la but acceptable. Anyone remember the days where Malaysians would enter SG to buy cheap things. Now it’s the other way round 😏 Shall go Malaysia more often.

New Hobby : Photography.

Ok it’s not exactly a new hobby, have been taking photos with my iPhone already, just that an opportunity knocked on my door, and I just can’t refuse it.

Hmm what do I mean? My cousin’s good friend was selling his DSLR Nikon d5000, well its a 2009 model, rather old. He entrusted the DSLR to my cousin for Carousell posting.

My cousin then asked if anyone that I know wants a DSLR. I replied : Me.

Well, my cousin managed to cut the price down to $300 from the initial $500. 😁 My cousin was also willing to invest in this for me, with a $100 sponsor, so I’m just paying $200 for the camera which comes with the set, I mean battery charger, brush etc.

The down side is just that the Lens came loose, and I think my cousin’s friend got sick and tired of this.

I went down to Nikon svc ctr today to fix it. $45! Ok so now I’ve spent $245 already, hmm. And I’ll need a dry cabinet as well as a Camera bag. Looking for sponsors guys, please do so.

Well, and a better lens for future use. My current lens is damn basic uh but its ok.

18–55mm VR1

So after the repair, Went to the traditional Yakun @ China Square with jd. Then I went to look for godmother for dinner.

Godsis was also there with her kids, but they refused to acknowledge me 😑 Even after I asked them to skip the formalities to not call me Korkor.

Went to find my pie after that to pass her some items that I bought for her but didnt manage to give them to her the previous time we met. Shes so cute. 😁

Anyway, here are some pictures taken with my DSLR. Still a noob, so pardon my poor skills, esp with the most basic lens of all time.

Taken frm Chevron House!

Taken from Godmother’s HDB corridor. Well I used to stay there guys, incase you guys dk, I’m a Chinatown-born asshole.

It was only until recently then I realised I was living beside the city, why did I even move?

Prettypie 😍

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