Hello, since I found time today, by not having the mood to game or watch youtube vids, I decided to pen down my Taiwan experience, I may miss out on some details but feel free to go to my travel mate, Hannah’s medium to have a look, shes writing too. Can refer to our itinery if its of any use to your future travel plans, but I guess there are people like TheSmartLocal providing better travel advice.

Day 0.5 : Takeoff to Taipei (4th jan night )

Rendezvous @ our check-in counter. Their parents sent them here, while who sent me…. Yx and jd 😂 but its ok, its only a week long vacation, its not like Im going for a 6mth internship or something.

Entered our boarding gate shortly after a quickbite @ Krispy Kreme.

Then we went into the Sbucks inside the departure hall, waited for our boarding there. Then we queued to board the plane, it was Scoot btw. A long wait indeed.

Got to my seat, tried to sleep even though I feel damn uncomfortable in that tight position. i was sitting in the middle, abit sien but its ok, just tell yourself its only a 4h flight. 4h passes by quickly , yeap try convincing yourself to that. I tried but…. It was a cycle of waking up and trying to fall asleep again.

Day 1 :

Supposed to touchdown Taipei at 5.30am but we were ahead of schedule, reached at abt 4.57am. You may think “Wow great” but pls imagine what we had to do for the remaining time till our apartment check-in time @ 12pm noon. *cries*

Cleared the immigrations, went to the convenience store to grab a small bite. For those planning to visit Taiwan, please patronise their convenience stores more often, they sell lots of nice goodies and food especially.

Took a bus to Ximending, thats where our apartment is located at. Its like a shuttle bus not a public bus, ofcourse not free uh, paid I think S$4 for the ride, but it’s comfortable sleeping on the bus, YES MUCH MORE SATISFYING THAN THE FLIGHT.

Reached Ximending arnd 8 in the morning.

Its empty now, cuz these shops open in the late morning, actually noon, unlike in SG, 11am and you see our shops open up. If you’re planning to shop in Taiwan, do note this, so you can grab more hours of beauty rest.

Since all the shops were closed, we were hungry too, settled our breakfast @ mac. Was excited trying their mac, but it turned out to be a disappointment, forgot to take a photo of my food ohwell. What I ordered was Pancakes w/ sausages, but sausages made from pork, so tak halal bro. Well, it’s a chinese country what do you expect. Doesn’t taste really nice, prefer SG one’s.

Had a rest at the 24h convenience store, 7 eleven. There were empty seats so we just crashed there and decided to just rest there, since there was nothing we could do. I decided to make a little tour around the area before catching some sleep in the stuffy 7–11. Btw guys, the weather in Taiwan is damn shiok. Somehow like the 19–21 degrees of your airconditoner. Well, yall may be thinking why dont you guys book a later flight, then yall would not need to lepak boringly in a 7-eleven till your check-in time. PLEASE THANK MINFENG. He booked the flight, and he backed out.

We went to walk around at 11, since we were only an hour away to check in our apartment, so we toured Ximending with our heavy luggages, it was damn troublesome I swear.

Finally able to check in, wowwww, Our landlord/ landlady was nice. I placed the slash in between for a reason, he/she was a gender blender, male to female according to nose’s intelligence. Actually we were already dubious about her sex but only found out after Nose returned to SG and his sis told him bout it.

Upon checking in, I checked my email, realised SPF replied my email. They rejected my police application, what’s new? I look more like a crook than a cop LOL. A lil sien, so I decided to nap a little bit while the rest unpacked. My photo got taken, by dearest Kenzo.

Went out aft my nap, to have lunch @ this cafe called M-one.

On the way, we found a telecom outlet, Hannah purchased a Local SIM card, with 2GB data and was planning to share it with all of us, the cost was split among us ofcourse. But It just wasnt enough for us 5, especially snapchat which consumes much data.

Their MRT is just like SG’s, just that it is not as crowded as SG’s, even during peak hours. Guess because Taiwan is not as dense as SG in terms of population density.

Searching for our cafe.

It’s a nice cafe overall, really like the ambience.

Ordered Carbonara! Its not really nice but ok laa… (forcefully), its not worth the price though.

The rest ordered burgers.

Nice place laa in overall, buey pai. Visited 7–11 opposite the cafe and yeap guys, await the tall Yakults and milk tea they sell.

After that, we wanted to go to Taipei 101. Initially our decision was to take the Mrt, but someone saw the skyscraper while walking arnd cafe, meaning that it should be near, but we made a bad decision, to walk to Taipei 101 from our current location.

On our way, we passed by another Telecom outlet, decided to enquire about their unlimited data SIM card, waited for damn long in that outlet, cuz of some lady who spent so long pondering whether to sign her Iphone 6s or not. The rest fell asleep while waiting, Kenzo almost tripped an old lady by accident, had to apologise on behalf of the non-bilingual dog. The wait was worth it, they still have stock for the unlimited data SIM card, unlike the prev branch that Hannah bought the 1st SIM card from. Finally with unlimited data, able to whatsapp my cutiepie all day long.

Taiwan people are just so friendly, the telecom staff directed us the shortest walking route, and another stranger added to his directions with more specific instructions! Taiwan 人,谢谢你们!

Reached Taipei 101, Hannah Shangmei and I decided to pay and go up the observatory while nose and kenzo wait for us and shop in the mean time, as they have already been up there before.

No regrets paying S$20 up here.

Went to some night mkt with my ears still stuck, cant seem to clear the air pressure out of my ear easily *sobs* think its called Tonghua night mkt, a little short and small, but Kenzo managed to buy his fav fried mushrooms. Some street food available, so overall not so sienz

Egg biscuits coming in the form of cars and pistols.

Stop @ station Xinyi Anhe if you wanna visit this night mkt. its very simple laa actually, nth much there. Returned to Ximending for a short stroll aft the night mkt.

Went back apartment shortly after, as we were just tired. Had oyster meesua takeaway, it tasted decent for a non-oyster fan like me woww. And yeap so we lepak-ed awhile and Day 1 ends!


Had breakfast near our apartment, actl its like brunch cuz I woke up late. Had braised pork rice, nose’s favourite delicacy. It was affordable and tasty! Then, headed to Danshui, the countryside.

KOI to keep me warm ❤️

Danshui / Tamsui station

Took a bus to the Danshui fishing port, dont ask me for the bus number! Ask the MRT staff, I only remember the bus being red. The bus number should be on a red background yes.

Lovers’ bridge

Nice place really.

The photographer was like Cantonese speaking, so I tried using some Cantonese to communicate with them. How did I know? Well, I didnt eavesdrop on their conver, they happened to talk loudly so… she seemed shocked that I can speak cantonese though, don’t I look like a dialect person?

So cold at 21 degrees but, its lots of fun!

Went to the souvenir shop to play, there was also a mini arcade LOL.

There was also a small scale food mkt nearby, bought a number kf 铁蛋, well metallic eggs if you want me to translate directly, supposed to be quail eggs but there were also chicken ones.. bought the chicken ones instead im sorry friends.

Headed to Danshui Old street for some shopping after the sightseeing.

Saw this bracelet, 2 going for 100TWD, bought one with Hannah, we are then sisters after wearing the bracelets, yes sisters you did not read wrongly. Shopped abit there, they bought mainly caps.

Headed back to Ximending Sushi Express for dinner!

So gonna buy z5 just bcuz of his advertisement ❤️

Then, we left ximending for some bookstore that Nose wanted to go, if I didnt remember wrongly, its Eslite bookstore @ Gongguan.

Kenzo and I, we do not read Chi books so we were just stoning and talking cock there while waiting for the others to purchase their books. Walked to the nearest night mkt, really cant remember the name, my best guess is Shida Night Market, but its not near at all la, it sucks too, nth much there. On our way there, it began to pour. Damn suay, walked in the rain for like 15mins.

Guys, here I present you a slut who doesnt want to fish his umbrella out for the past 15mins in the rain, making all of us so drenched.

As there weren’t much to shop, we took a cab back to our apartment as we were damn tired to walk back to the mrt station.

Bought supper back to the apartment too. And yeap day 2 ends here, with Hannah

Day 3 : Museum -> Shopping -> Night Mkt

Woke up earlier than usual, for breakfast. Took us damn long to get to the location, once again.

Well, we went queuing for the typical Chinese breakfast 豆浆油条, soya beancurd coupled with the dough fritters.

After breakfast was some trip to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. Worth coming if you’re interested in their culture, personally im half-half.

Saw this temporary Frozen store set up in front of the memorial hall, well they dont go well together, legit. But the Frozen store was large despite it being just a temporary air conditioned tent.

Welcome to the memorial hall, the flight of stairs 👍🏻

And the rest were trying to play with the DSLR function of burst mode, how do you play with it? Hmm, you jump and see who looks the best in mid air.

Quality buey pai right?

Headed for lunch @ Blackbird’s cafe. Personally I will not recommend this place, cuz of the minimum spending per pax, and the number of dishes. What happened was, we wanted to order just 3 dishes, main courses. The waitress told us 1 main course for 1 person, so we had 5 of us and thus we need to order 5. Bobian lo, the aesthetics of the food is top notch, but the price… urgh, reminds me of my unpleasant experience @ 2am dessert bar.

Cheese Fondue peeps!

Tastes ok.. But still the price. Really like the muah chee above, coupled with the cream toppings. But one of the toppings really taste like shit.

The one that’s on your 1 o clock direction.

After lunch was time for shopping! Went to Wufenpu! Largest fashion market I guess, really huge.

(Took that from online sources)

Sadly, it was the winter season, couldnt find anything appropriate for me to buy. Tried forcing myself to get a cheap hoodie cuz it looked fantastic but in the end I wanted to control my spending so.. Got nothing.

Walked to the nearest night market, Raohe Night Market. I guess this is my fav night market cuz I bought lots of food. Sausages, fried milk balls.

Got lots of food for ourselves, sesame oil noodles and taiwanese fried chicken. Delicacies ohwoah.

I enjoy dairy products alot, especially milk. So i had high expectations of the fried milk but…. It disappointed me :( its nice la, but not to the extent of making me go wow.

Shangmei got this cotton candy. Cute but hard to carry, especially through the crowd in the market.

Since the night was still young, we decided to go back to Ximending for a walk. Just window shopping actually

Day 3 ends here, with ourselves preparing for a night rest for tomorrow’s theme park visit.

Day 4 : Leofoo Village

Headed to this faraway themepark, Leofoo village. Looks damn nice, got USS feel but its like a ghost town actually, perhaps cuz its the middle of the week, like weds or thurs.

Its a long way trip from Ximending ok! i swear

Tickets abit pricey and if you’re afraid of a long queue, well you could get yours at their 7–11, its convenient. Not all though, only some with a special machine. But dont worry, there are just so many 7–11 around, close your eyes, throw a stone, most probably it’ll hit a convenience store.

Had our brunch @ the local fast food restaurant. Their burger’s nice, but expensive uhhh.

Started with a water ride, well its the jurassic park ride in USS, exactly identical.

Didnt expect myself to get drenched this soon.

Think we rode this twice, well I forgot.

My 2nd ride : Intamin twisted impulse coaster. With Kenzo only cuz the rest were afraid. What happened to unity? 😒

Actl I was looking forward to the screaming condor but it was closed. Let me show you guys what I mean

Then, we took a kids roller coaster, just for the fun of it.

The rest took the barrel ride while Kenzo and I took on another one, old Oil Well.

Then I took the barrel ride with Kenzo, he died. Subsequent rides he said he cmi, so he blamed me for spinning the wheel in our barrel that can increase our turning speed. Ok I have to admit, I turned it too much but he too used his strength to turn it too so you cant blame me completely you slut. He said he was dizzy. No one understands how someone who could tahan the roller coaster cant tahan this.

Took another water ride, ok this one I really drenched, the raincoat didnt help much.

Then Hannah and I took the viking ship, was surprised that shes willing to try, since the pussy who got dizzy from the barrels refused to go up with me.


Time for some kids carousel

I took this Ring of Fire alone cuz the rest didnt want to.

Played like some laser thing after my Ringoffire experience. Some stranger kept talking to me and I didnt know how to reply her, I’m so introverted.

There an arcade in every corner of the theme park, cool!

Then we headed to the safari

They fed these goats, together with other Singaporean tourists of near our age.

Took the bicycle down the Monkey trail.

Took the safari train guide afterwards.

As it was closing soon, we decided to take the Barrel ride again without Kenzo. His phobia for it I still dont understand.

In the same barrel with Hannah and Shangmei, they said they got dizzy also. I witnessed how all the other barrels stopped spinning and ours is still spinning violently, oops, but its a good experience.

“Money on floor”

Had difficulty getting down the horse😞

Mandatory grp photo before we leave.

With that, we left for Mala hotpot, i dont eat spicy so I cant be the one describing the food there. Only tried some food with a non spicy soup base, cuz we were able to choose 2 soup bases, I think its ok, S$25 for the buffet, with free flow draft beer, other beverages like Calpis water, and Haagen Daas Icecream! I feel so hungry talking bout this now.

So aft the hotpot, we tried to think of doing something but in vain, in the end we went back to the apartment if I didnt recall wrongly.

-Day 4 ends-

Day 5 : Jiufen + Shifen

Quite like this day, very cooling and shiok

A long train+ bus journey, but the view was worth it.

During our bus ride, the bus captain was damn awesome, being a driver and tour guide at the same time.

Up we go~

Jiufen! Alot of things to buy so pls get more.

Enjoyed their taro balls, damn shiok, biting on the hot taro balls in the cold.

Hannah bought lots of seaweed back, while the rest of us bought the signature tarts. We were quite ignorant that theres another outlet that’s only a station away from Ximending, so.. We carried our heavy loads to Shifen, sigh. Had to take a cab.

Welcome to Shifen, it’s where you put up your Kongming lanterns, aka 天灯.

Had to squeez among the crowd to take this shot.

Played the game of throwing rings, the rest did a great job by winning us 5 bottles of soft drinks 👍🏻 I scored none, Nose as well..

The train track is not abandoned btw, still in use, so whenever a train approaches we just have to run.

But putting up these lanterns on a train track sure is novelty.

Our wishes

Up you go, our wishes.

Took a long train ride back, really felt like sleeping but Shihlin was what kept me awake, yes the night market. It’s like Taipei’s MAIN night mkt highlight. Deposited our purchases at some MRT locker, pay per use, before heading to Shihlin. It was a large and long street, worth exploring, but the things they sell arent cheap, think i got scammed while buying peisha’s hello kitty phone cover.


But still, the satisfaction derived from shopping in this cold weather is good 👍🏻 Always seem to come home feeling sticky and sweaty from SG pasar malams but night mkts here dont make me feel this way, thankyou Winter!

Went back ximending aft shopping and bought supper cuz Im damn hungry.

-End of day 5.

Day 6: Our last day in Taipei

Today was a rather less tense day. Got to wake up later than usual cuz there werent any important activities planned, except going to the national palace. They call it 古宫 I guess.

Had meesua for brunch! The same one I had on day 1, look at the queue hahah.

Worth a try!

Headed to the arcade for some entertainment before the national palace, fun and cheap woohoo. 😁

No photos for the national palace.. Cuz photography isnt allowed in their premises. Very duapai right? What was displayed was totally not what I expected. National palace in Taiwan, tell me people, what do you expect to see in it? Perhaps something related to the history of Taiwan. BUT, pls be warned that this palace is a major disappointment, atleast for me.

I saw ARTEFACTS OF ANCIENT CHINA. For a moment I thought, I was in Beijing but no, Im in Taipei. You may say ok both Chinese countries what similar. Im not a fan of Chinese antique or ancient paintings. Porcelain from Tang dynasty etc. Not my kind la.

I wanted to understand more of Taiwan’s culture, not China. Again, some may tell me Taiwan belongs to China they are the same. Yet, I will have to tell you Im on the side of Taiwan not being part of China now. They have their own government, wasnt there just a Taiwan election by the way? Tbh, still don’t get why China comes down hard on people who acknowledges Taiwan as a state by itself. Just look at Weibo, all the attacks, what for?

Don’t make war, make love – Ah Boys To Men 3

Atleast it looks nice on the outside. Thats

Ate Din Tai Fung for dinner, queued for abt 30mins. Not a fan of Dintaifung as well, but ok la similar to Singapore. Just some variations in their menu.

Got soft Nogurt for my family, sugarnspices I think that’s the shop’s name. Remember to get some if you do visit Taiwan, they sell the best nogurts, really. The milk flavour one is the bomb. 😍

Went to Taipei Main stn to get our tickets to Hualien for the next day. Unfortunately we took the train that’s of the lowest quality and speed.

Ended our day again with Ximending, me getting my last min purchases.

Day 7 : Hualien

Incase yall dint know, Hualien is like the countryside. Lies on the Eastern outskirts of Taipei.

Dont expect to shop much here! Its like a countryside I repeat.

After a 3hrs++ train ride.

While waiting for our pickup vehicle to the half hostel half hotel, they call it 民宿. Well its just airbnb la technically. Like Taiwanese they would buy a house and rent it out to you during your stay. Our landlord and his wife especially, were great hosts.

We were the only tenants, perhaps cuz its a weekday and yeap we practically had the entire house to ourselves but we just stayed in our room idk why.

So we booked a taxi for the entire day. 3500TWD for 8hrs. As there were 5 of us, each of us paid 700TWD. A lil ex, but thats the only way to commute in Hualien I guess, dont really see many public buses or rail stations.

Our first destination was a Pebble beach. The seaview was breathtaking, the taxi driver said it leads to the Pacific Ocean, woww.

I kept throwing pebbles into the water though, feels great. Especially with the wind blowing right at your face. Shiok ah!

Our next destination was the Tanako National Park. Ok its a trail, looks like a Jungle trail though. The entire trail would take u 90 mins to 2 hours to complete it, as we were a lil pressed for time, we left without even completing half of the trail and we did a U turn.

Then we headed to the Taroko gorge. Well, a lil disappointing for me also as Im not a fan of stones and gorges.

Technically if you look carefully in this picture, you should be able to observe the stone in the middle resembling a face. Thats what our taxi driver said, yes I was a little amazed.

Spent an hour or two walking through the Gorge and taking pictures, I guess I can regard it as a pleasure walk.

Then we headed to the only night market in Hualien. It was big too, exceeding my expectations for a night mkt in the countryside.

Cleanest night market ever.

There were many games to be played as well, remember to visit if you are planning to come to Hualien.

Again, it feels good walking in a non-crowded night market, and the weather and climate being in your favor. Not too hot or cold, just optimal, like your usual air con.

Headed back to our place after touring the night mkt and cuz there wasnt much left to shop there.

As usual, we went to the convenience store at night, I had my last bowl of Taiwan maggi mee that night… Missing it alot right now 😭 had some alcohol and played some games before we turned in.

Day 8 : Time to go home.

Our landlady was nice to prepare us some nice breakfast, and there was this Indonesian Chinese lady who came along with the landlady, she was friendly and offered her help to us but we could handle la so… rejected nicely. She shared her experience of her driving to Taiwan from her home and I’m like WTH REALLY WA.

So we reached Hualien station and when we were trying to cross the train gantrys, we were stopped.

Our train tickets were not of the supposed date. Our bad too, didnt check the dates properly before leaving. And we only realised this folly of ours when we wanted to board it. This means we could not board this train and we had to change our tickets with the counter and thus, we took a later train, which eventually affected us heavily. Reached Taipei Main stn on schedule but it was really difficult to find the bus that heads to the Airport. In the end, as we were equipped with our heavy belongings, we gaveup and took a private car instead.

Checked in, had lunch, and We ran for the flight again 😂 it’s the 2nd time Kenzo and I chionged for a flight, 1st time was at KL airport. Why? Cuz we were buying things in the departure hall 😂

And yeap back to SG, cutiepie ❤️ was damn nice to fetch me! Dad too. So dad drove us to supper and he joined us. Afterwards, Dad sent her home too.

Got some loots from their DFS, but urgh didnt had enough money to get premium spirits like greygoose, so I bought vodka.

-End of my Taiwan trip-

Will I go to Taiwan again? Well definitely! But the next time bringing my family and cutiepie along ❤️ here i end my travel experience which i took damn long to type it out.

So I’ll be back to usual blogging again, Bout rants and etc.

Actually I have much feels to do vlog but Firstly i

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