Egypt Is the Richest Country in the World in Two Weeks

(published in Almasry Alyoum, 11/12/2014)

‘General’ Abdul Atty in the army conference.


Congratulations to every Egyptian man and woman, for in about two weeks from now, specifically on the 30th of this December, it shall be declared that Egypt is the richest country on Earth! all of our troubles will be at an end.

We, thanks to God, have discovered a treasure even more precious than oil and gold.

December 30th will be the day on which the Armed Forces device that cures hepatitis C and AIDS (and all other viruses) starts working.

The situation is bigger and larger than we had imagined; for example, globally there are 35 million people infected with AIDS, the cost for treatment is more than $200 per month, which means that there will be $7 billion per month incoming to Egypt, which means $84 billion a year from this item alone.

This is in addition to the other billions these patients are going to spend on touring the country to celebrate being finally cured, and the even more billions other countries will pay us to save what they spend on the prevention of the disease, and on the ongoing massive research.

All this and we haven’t yet talked about the virus C patients all around the world, and the patients of the other viruses that were said to be cured by the device once the genetic code is entered.

Congratulations to every Egyptian man and woman. We had poverty, but now it’s ended!


And because this great era of Egypt’s history shall be remembered by our children, who will be richer than the Gulf countries, we have to chronicle some of its stages so we don’t ever forget:

On February 23rd, the Military Spokesman issued an official statement that President Adly Mansour and Minister of Defense Abdel Fattah el-Sisi witnessed “state-of-the-art Egyptian research and inventions for the good of all humanity.” Yes, it’s true. He did include that in his official statement!

What el-Sisi and Mansour witnessed — for the sake of humanity, of course — was Major General Ibrahim Abdel Atti showing them his invention and saying, to them and all humanity, “I take the AIDS from the patient and make it nutritious for them, and I give them a kofta finger to eat. This is the peak of scientific wonders.” He appeared in the promotional video that was shot for the machine saying to a patient, “You had AIDS, but now it’s gone.”

Of course he concluded his historical speech by emphasizing that “thanks to el-Sisi, who took special care in the matter and was [like a whip], and spoke words of wisdom that still ring in my ears till now. He said we couldn’t walk like others were walking; we needed to jump, and this is the first jump.” Well, truly, it was such an amazing jump!

During the conference, Major General Taher Abdullah, Head of the Armed Forces Engineering Authority, pointed out that “the machine won’t be exported to other countries, in order to protect it and its patent from the pharmaceutical companies mafia and the big countries that hold a monopoly over the global medicine market.”

During the next days, Major General Abdel Atti continued his historical statements, such as “I’ve been offered $2 billion for this machine, but the Mukhabarat kidnapped and protected me,” and “the secret to the machine is like the secret of building the Great Pyramid.”

Major General Taher Abdullah also went on writing his name on history’s pages. In April he said to Almasry Alyoum, “The Armed Forces wasn’t rash about announcing that a machine that eliminates viruses was invented, because Egypt would’ve lost thousands of souls if the announcement was postponed. The cure for virus C is national security, while the cure for AIDS is national income.

Bassem Youssef, puny dull agent currently and cardiac surgeon formerly, made fun of the machine and announced that he’d use a counter in every episode of his show to countdown the remaining days until using the machine starts on June 30th. Abdul Atti then threatened to report him to the Military Prosecution, and defied him saying that two hundred patients were cured, and he’d take them to the court where he could prove that his machine is real.

On March 23rd the Engineering Authority formally issued a registration form for those who need the cure, and countless numbers of patients thronged the place, while everybody speaking in the name of the authority or the research team assured them that the cure will be carried out in said time.

On June 6th Major General Abdel Atti said, “I say to everyone who ridiculed my invention to wait for the bigger surprise and the double blow before the end of 2014!”

And then, suddenly, on June 28th, only two days before the anticipated day, an urgent conference by the medical team responsible for maintaining the device was held, where Colonel Doctor Tayseer Abdel Aal announced that the medical committee decided not to receive any patients on June 30th, “and recommends widening the research patterns and specimens for six more months.”

Congratulations to every Egyptian man and woman. We had a “double blow” that wasn’t cured!


And so the good fortunes of Egypt willed it that the efforts by the Armed Forces to cure the livers of Egyptians would join with the same efforts carried out by the Ministry of Health.

On March 12th the Ministry of Health announced a historical deal with the American company Gilead Sciences to import Sovaldi, the new treatment for virus C at the cost of LE200 per pack within the ministry’s hospitals and LE15 thousand without (notwithstanding the fact that a patient needs at least three packs). Obviously the cost was nominal and affordable by all average citizens!

More importantly, the quantity agreed upon was very limited — the drug would cure 50 thousand patients during the first six months, and then the numbers would be increased to 300 thousand patients only during the first year.

But what about the other 15 to 20 million Egyptians who still suffer from the virus? What about the 170 thousand new cases every year? All hopes rests on the army’s machine, naturally!

According to the TRIPS Agreement in 2006, it is the right of any country suffering from an epidemic to produce drugs to treat it without abiding by intellectual property rights, which Egypt did do during the avian flu crisis, and which India is currently doing with Sovaldi, as Indian companies started manufacturing it with permission from Gilead Sciences according to the agreement. A version of the drug called Sofotaj was smuggled into Egypt from India, cheaper and uninsured to make any difference. But why hasn’t it occurred to any authority in Egypt to start manufacturing the drug like India did? Why hasn’t the Ministry of Health initiated the idea until after everyone concerned with medicine was screaming at them that it was very vital to start immediately?

There is more than just negligence to the matter…

On October 28th the Egyptian National Drug Information Center held a conference at the Journalists Syndicate, where Dr. Mahmoud Fouad, Head of the Center, and Dr. Mohamed Ezz el-Arab, Head of the Tumor Unit at the National Liver Institute, spoke and revealed several documented surprises about the Ministry of Health’s committee that held the negotiations with Gilead Sciences, and revealed more details with their interviews with the website Masr Al-Arabia.

The first surprise was that two of the major committee members were two head researchers at the research project financed by Gilead itself to carry a Sovaldi trial in Egypt, which meant a very obvious conflict of interests!

The second surprise was that Gilead placed a $1 million life insurance policy per person on three of the committee members!

And the third surprise was that a direct order commissioned ISIS Pharma, a private company, to import the drug, and Pharma Overseas, another private company, to distribute it, in spite of the fact that the law clearly states that importing drugs must be carried out by the government via the Supreme Administrative Authority, and the distribution via the General Organization for Drug Trade and Distribution. It should be pointed out here that Pharma Overseas is owned by the sister of Vice Admiral Mohab Mamish, currently Head of the Suez Canal Authority!

Some fellow journalists went with these accusations to the concerned personas and got some vague answers (i.e., the distribution company was selected by Gilead Sciences, and the life insurance was meant to be paid for the patients in case the drug had proven harmful to them). The answers brought about opposite answers in turn, but what we care about here is the complete absence of transparency whenever there’s anything published about the committee’s activities, and that even after fingers of accusation were pointed, not one single government entity bothered to investigate and announce official results.

Congratulations to every Egyptian man and woman. We had a government and now it’s gone!


A few days after announcing the Armed Forces device, I started my own personal journey to find the truth, provoked and driven by the fact that I’m a physician first, a journalist second, and that the machine and its inventor stomp upon the most basic facts I learned in my life.

I followed a few threads and a world of information opened before me. Major General Abdel Atti wasn’t even a doctor, but a lab technician, and, go figure, not a major general to begin with, and that honorary rank was bestowed upon him very recently. He had practiced herbal remedies for many years, and tricked the poor into believing that he could treat all kinds of diseases. He also hosted a TV show at the Al-Nas TV channel. I presented all the painful experiences of his poor victims.

I met with Dr. Ahmed Al-Zein, Senior Investigating Officer at the Ministry of Health, who had previously shut down Abdel Atti’s clinic himself, and from Ahmed Abdul Rahim Abdoh, Attorney Syndicate Commissioner in Kafr Al-Sheikh and former friend of Abdel Atti himself, I got even more surprising details, in addition to the verdicts against him, which included sentencing him to prison at the felony №30238 of 2007, Al-Basateen Police Department felonies, for practicing medicine without being on the payroll of the Medical Syndicate, and another prison sentence for three months at the felony №610 of 1991, Karmouz felonies in Alexandria, for writing a bad check.

I published everything I got and waited for a reply from any authority, other people published what they got as well, Essam Heggy resigned his post as the President’s Scientific Advisor and returned to America, and the issue was all over the media…then nothing!

As if Abdel Atti was right when his victim Dr. Nora Abdel Aziz, a dentist, complained years ago that his treatment made her condition worse, and he replied, “Shame on you that you think too much. You are a doctor. If you do like illiterate people who can’t write or read, you’ll be just fine!”

The issue isn’t about the person of con artist Abdel Atti (this is not an insult, but his actual description as proven by court), but it does generate many questions. For example, how could he con the fearsome Armed Forces? And when was this massive hoax discovered?

It’s supposed that each and everyone who applies to join the Military Academy is thoroughly investigated by “sovereign authorities,” so how come the instigations never uncovered this man’s past?

The Armed Forces Medical Authority includes some of the finest physicians and liver experts in Egypt, people with international fame, so why wasn’t the issue brought before them before it turned into a scandal?

Is this how everything else in Egypt is run?

In the early days of last July, Major General Taher Abdullah was appointed an adjutant to the Minister of Defense, so does removing him from the Engineering Authority have anything to do with what happened, even though he’s not retired yet?

Why doesn’t the Military Spokesman issue a statement to apologize to humanity?

Who is behind all these offences to the Armed Forces? Why weren’t they held accountable before the public?

And the most important, most terrifying question is this: If a fiasco with this massive magnitude that touches every Egyptian home can pass overlooked by everybody, where the media is silent and the government is non-apologetic and the people never ask or even remember — if this fiasco can pass, what can’t?

On the other side, even if we assume for a second that the machine does work, this makes it worse! Who is responsible for wasting the chance for an international acknowledgment for this achievement and in turn wasting the income Egypt could have realized? Why was it announced a whole year before making sure it works? Why does complete silence reign until now?

Of course none of this has happened, and of course all the secrecy is because of “national security,” and of course in two weeks we’ll celebrate together the declaration of Egypt as the richest country in the world!

Congratulations to every Egyptian man and woman. We had respect, and now we have to go look for it.