To the New Queen of the Trap-house

You worked very hard for your title and you absolutely deserve it. The persistence and dedication you put into receiving your crown is untouchable. You saw something you had to have and were relentless at getting him.

I know the prize you won though. I wore the crown myself for many years. What I thought was a crown of gold and gems ended up being a crown of thorns dusted with narcotics.

This life comes with a price. I know you were never prepared to pay the tariff for the crown you so proudly donned when it was first placed so gently on your head. I know I never was.

Thank you so much for fighting so hard for him. You saved my life. While he was fixated on all the new feelings of being adored and worshipped by another, I was able to slip away from the satanic dictator and build my own empire.

While you were making him feel worthy of being loved I was able to escape my personal hell of living in a trap-house with an abusive drug addict and start living the life I always imagined was out there, somewhere. A life free of control and despair when I did not live up to his standards.

I know what goes on behind closed doors late at night after he goes on a bender. I know the nasty words he hurls in your direction, along with any object within his reach. Screaming at you for making him like this while he spits in your face. For this I will forever thank you. Because you stepped in, I got my life back.

The only hope you have now is that he becomes fixated on another pretty victim and she falls for his lies about how awful you are to him. Just as you fell for the lies about me and I fell for the lies about the poor soul before me.

This is why I never put up a fight against you throughout the years. You probably thought badly about me because I never resisted your tenacity to take my man. I also know how powerful you felt when you won a man you fought so hard for. I rejoiced when I was finally able to walk away in peace.

We both got what we wanted in the end. You may have won the battle, but dear queen, I won this war. Every morning when I dress, I also arise a new crown to my head. A crown of bravery, strength, and freedom. It fits perfectly.


The Queen of my Freedom