Infinite Interactive Puzzle

A new type of jigsaw puzzle inspired by Parametric design principles. The filling of all the spaces continuously called tessellation — the puzzle have no fixed shape, no starting point, and no edges. It can be assembled in thousands of different ways.

The feel of the jigsaw puzzle is comfort, therapy and almost zen. “When you start playing with it you cannot stop” said one of the Interactive adviser.


The participants didn’t know if the parts were a puzzle, a game or a quiz. Each one played with it in his or her own way.

Most of the research group used all the parts to create the full puzzle, while only a few were satisfied by only using several parts. The creative one tried to turn it to a toy by assembling creatively — “the lion want to eat that giraffe”. Therefore, the jigsaw puzzle can not only be built horizontally, but vertically as well.

The Puzzle is Interactive; while one is building the puzzle in his home in New-York, other users can be in Tel-Aviv or New-Delhi. When one decided to share his puzzle shape, he or she uploads it to a shareable canvas as one part of big puzzle.

It connects people, and on the way emphasize the importance of being alone. Together alone.

Desing process and Tools:

  • 3D Design: Rhino & Grasshopper
  • Technique: Laser cut + Material Choosing
  • Image Processing: Matlab & Processing
  • Research: User Test
The process
User tests