3 Common Mistakes in Freelancing Business

Common Mistakes in Freelancing Business

A survey jointly conducted by Upwork, a largest freelance marketplace, and Freelance Union reported that Freelance Business Economy Grew to 55 Million Americans in 2016 that makes 35% of Total U.S. Workforce.

And in February 2017, Upwork has mentioned in its press release, “Future Workforce: How Companies Embrace Flexible Teams to Get Work Done, that “nearly half of companies are thinking beyond traditional employment to embrace more flexible teams.” That means companies will prefer freelancer over permanent employees.

And that’s a bad news for traditional-minded workforce, but a good one for freelancers.

Over the last couple of years, the unemployment in developed and under-developing countries has urged skilled individuals to be their own boss. And that could be one of the major reasons why we are seeing such a drastic shift towards freelancing.

Another strong reason is the luxury of setting flexible working hours and working from home. You don’t need to wake up early in the morning and get ready to reach office at 9:00 am sharp.


… starting a freelancing business is no different than starting any other business. Apparently, it is as simple as signing up on a marketplace and start bidding on jobs, but behind the scenes it requires a lot of research and effort to establish a stable and reliable business.

If you are planning to start a freelancing business or have already established it but struggle to grow, then this story is for you. Here I am going to share 3 common mistakes that freelancers — both new and old — make in their freelance business.

#1 Selected a wrong niche

Usually when individual see how their friends are making big income from a particular niche, they prefer to create an account of same service. And that’s one of the biggest mistake you can ever make in freelancing.

Now-a-days, it is easier to find tutorials of everything. In fact, you can even download patent softwares for free, but that doesn’t guarantee success. Though you can earn some money in the short run, but in the long run you will find that job frustrating.

So, finding your core strength and passion of work is ONLY way to set a strong foundation for your business.

Tip: If you struggle to find your niche, then contact with your friends to give you some work. In this way, you can analyze whether or not that niche is what you should go with. If you couldn’t find what to do on freelancing, then try out one of these services.

#2 Infrequent Update of Profile

Every day you learn something new. Every day your physical appearance changes. Every day you achieve something big. Every day you invest something on you to get one step closer to your goal.

Keeping yourself sharp and up-to-date is compulsory for growth in fast-changing world. Therefore, as a freelancer, not only you have to be up-to-date in your skill set, but also you should frequently update your profile.

Things to update in profile:

  • Profile Picture
  • Description
  • Title (IMPORTANT)
  • Skills (if you have obtained a new one)
  • Video (If you already have, then update it with new content)
Remember: Freelancing marketplace develop SEO based upon profile information. So if you want to be visible in search result, then make sure to keep your profile up-to-date.

#3 Lack of Online Presence

Whatever services you are offering as a freelancer, you need online presence.

But the first thing that come into mind when freelancers hear about online presence is blogging. Obviously, that’s an inevitable promotion tool and every freelancer should use it.

However, blogging isn’t everyone’s job. Though anyone can write but engaging and persuasive content is something else. Freelancer who are offering writing-related services can find it a piece of cake, but for non-writer individual that’s a difficult thing.

Also, content itself isn’t going to fulfill your goal. A sophisticated SEO strategy is necessary so content can be reached to right people at right time. Like writing, SEO is a highly technical thing especially if you have never done it before.

So instead of developing your own website, if you struggle to write content and do SEO, then you should use exclusive online portfolio platforms such as: Behance, Dribbble, Evanto, or Flickr. They give you the luxury to express yourself in best possible way without worrying about SEO and other related stuff.


Anyone who is looking for a quick, secure, and stable income then freelancing is the answer. However, like any other business, you have to be cautious and one step ahead from your competitor. Sometimes a little mistake and hurt your growth. So make sure if you are making or have made any above-mentioned mistake, then it is time to correct it.

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