Did you see that Pos — Stop Please and See

This world has turned to a state that is terrifying to see — And it’s not just because a presidential election. We live in a world divided. A world where ranting over our so called social media platforms about our problems is how we connect. A world where people are condemned not for who they are but for a past which has no record of them. A world where little boys and little girls grow up holding themselves to the ideals of the media with no one telling them that they’re perfect as who they are. A world where our idea of peace is plagued by protests turned riots, and never ending wars, and televised beheadings of our fellow humans. A world where going a week without hearing the term terrorism is a sign of the next disaster striking. A world where we continuously over use and abuse while running around screaming global warming and catching the next trolley to the newest must have “necessity.” A world where life-long love and long-lived laws cant exist in parallel all because a 200+ year old document and a questionable possibly-fictitious book about people who walk on water vaguely mention a predetermined definition of holy matrimony. A world where the vast majority of young adults find comfort in various forms of self harm while trying to drown out the depressive thoughts they are told they shouldn’t have. A world where we preach about the importance of differences while we educate our youth to color inside the lines. A world where we no longer take the time to look around us and truly SEE but rather compete for the most likes on a photo of floating heads belonging to people we never take the time to get to know. A world where we can’t even agree that every person’s life matters.

This is our world. And it is crumbling. It is falling to pieces as we watch trying to snap and tweet and pin and post our sorrows away.

STOP. Stop being a part of this rat race. This shit show. Step away from the madness and witness the mortal hell we’ve created for ourselves. We have this wonderful chance to live, to make a difference, to change the world. Instead of tagging your life with the hashtag YOLO maybe try to actually take your life into your own hands. It’s not easy. If it was easy these problems that we blame on politics and religion and social injustice wouldn’t exist. But offsetting blame is what placed us in this messed up world. So open your eyes. See the world around you — your world. See the beauty, the potential. And then realize that no matter who is living in a white building in DC and no matter what horrors you think are hiding behind the next corner, we, the human race, have the ability to overcome them if we just dispose of our divisions and unite as one.

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