Stars or Your Eyes or You and I?

Is it so wrong to want to believe we could be like the stars — you and I, intertwined with only the powers of the universe as our guide? I know it might sound crazy but damn, with the life we lead down here, those stars seem like a mystical place. A place away from the madness, the chaos, the estranged. And I swear these same stars live in your eyes. Like it’s a cosmic sign, meant for only you and I to recognize. And sometimes I think maybe you see it too. Maybe you can feel the way gravity doesn’t seem to apply. Because as faithful as I may be to the laws of physics, I can’t deny that sometimes it seems like the world is pulling us towards each other. Or maybe it’s more like your gravity is pulling me as mine is pulling you constantly spinning towards an ending which dreams are made of.

I don’t have an answer for why. Why that smile and those eyes are the two most beautiful things in my mind. All I know is I hope and I wish and I dream that those stars, they stay aligned right by my side.

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