Our Story: How it all began!!!

On that fateful day, under the a tree in front of the kitchen, just like an accident, the meeting occurred. 
She, a beautifully crafted creature, mildly looking, was standing right next to me, looking innocently and paying attention to the fullest at the announcement being made by our superiors. And I, even though I know how awkward I feel writing about myself, I could say I was calmly looking, strangely feeling lonely and at the same time popularly known by everyone in the group due to a strange, fortuitous accident I had before the camp which turned out to be a reason for me to appear strange to everyone. 
My eyes strained and my heart wearied, tired of listening to what was going on, I decided to look around, only to set my sight on her. Astutely, I started a conversation with her in the most unconventional way, and I was lucky that we sparked a connection. 
Assigned to the kitchen, I really got this feeling that she is the one to rock my world. Little did I know that she was going to rock it in a special way that I never imagined. 
It so happened that our togetherness won towards us a lot of attraction. And then just as it would seem, I got someone to compete with me. 
While he turned out to be a guy who would do anything to win her heart, I choose to be the guy who would maintain his self esteem, no matter what. But she, mistakenly, decided to make it a competition between the two of us, unfortunately for me, I don’t like to compete when it comes to the matters of the heart. 
While I maintained my ways, he showered so much dedication and commitment. And then I saw that everything I did suddenly, was either not enough, or an inconvenience to her. So I stepped back a bit, and found out that it seemed to suit her the most. 
We went back to being the strangers that we were right before we met each other, until the camp was over, and after. 
Months went by, and we were still estranged to each other. 
But no one can lie to love. Love happens to be the only powerful thing that even nature itself can’t overcome. Despite the distance apart, I still cherished the thoughts of the little moments we spent together at the camp. And suddenly, my phone rang! A call was all we needed to change the whole situation. 
Ever since she got back into my life...I felt love once more. And I hope to never finish this story because i don’t want to ever fall out of love with her.