Why I´m not working on the things that I always wanted?

This post doesn’t pretend to be the ultimate guide to finding my passion or whatever that means, if you are looking that kind of lectures, there are a lot of that here, in Medium. This is my story of why I still looking my “dream” job and why I didn’t get until now -well, I guess.

I studied Electronics Engineering in a small city, in a small university in Morelia. For too long 5 years I learned a lot, I made a few friends, and the most import thing, I learned a lot about the most important person in my life, me. But also I wasted a lot of opportunities to be better, to be useful. A few weeks ago I read something that changes my thoughts, that reading changes the way I was spending my time. This post is about how I´m going to stop wasting my time and my efforts to find my passion, that word that lately is in the mouth of every millennial. 
Instead of wasting my energy on those things, I need to try to be useful; first to me and later to the people around of me. And in that way, I will be capable of discovering new activities, friendships, thoughts and experiences that bring a lot of happiness to my life. And that´s the main reason to change my mindset from now, the way I was asking and the most important thing, the way I´m going to spend my time.

Instead of wasting my energy on those things, I need to try to be useful; first to me and later to the people around of me.

The internet shows me that there are a lot of successful people out there. People with great jobs, great passions and great lives; but there is something that always is hidden, a lot of work -yes, a lot of that thing called hard work. There are a lot of people that are not ready to pay a big price for it, we still thinking and cheating on us waiting for that magical and unique moment where the things all we want, appears in front of us magically. But life doesn´t work like that, life punches so hard in the face for those decisions and those things that you didn’t do in the past. Thus, these are the answer to the question of the beginning, I didn’t work enough for those things and now I’m paying the price of my laziness. For example, instead of dedicating too much time playing video games, surfing the web or watching TV; maybe I had to develop my programming skills, reading or studying English. These skills and activities would prepare me to the future that I´m struggling now. I don´t have the job what I dreamt, even I don´t doing anything useful for me and much less for the people around me.

But now, there aren´t time to wailings, I need to focus on my present and the lot of hard work I have ahead of me, to bring that great job, that great opportunity, that great income, that huge passion for my work and life. But, how can I bring those things to my life? If in the past decade I didn´t work for them. A very simple answer for a big question, I have to start working now. I just joined to an association called AIESEC, a big organization with one big purpose: Bring opportunities and experiences to young people with the desire to change their reality and the environment around them.

Those are the kind of things that I have to focus and work with, that kind of vibe will bring me a huge learning, improvement and tools to develop my potential, to develop a better version of me. With this in mind, I´m sure that in 5 years I won´t be writing a post like this anymore.

What do you think? Share your thoughts and ideas with me.

This is the first time that I write in English, if you see some mistakes, I appreciate your help to correct them.

Thanks for reading.