A physicist, mathematician and Zen master walk into a bar
Sasha Manu

All apparent ‘things’ are a combination of sensations-Sensed (colours-Seen, sounds-Heard, feelings-Felt, odours-Smelled and flavours-Tasted) combined with ideas-Known.

Sensory patterns change moment to moment.

There is no ‘stability’ in appearances, nor any ‘substance’.

Yet each sensation remains the sensation it is. A specific shade of red remains that shade, whether or not it is apparent… appearing to be that shade the moment it appears.

Nor does the capacity to Sense ever change.

It is impossible to separate any sensation from the capacity to Sense. Sensing-sensations never changes. It is One.

What it is, is impossible to say.

That it is, is plain.

It is impossible to separate any idea from the capacity to Know it.

Nor can any idea ever change, for if it did it would be a different idea and not the idea it is.

All ideas take their meaning from reference to other ideas that take their meaning from still more ideas in a self-referential set of all possible number, form and meaning.

It is impossible to Sense or Know the nature of Knowing-ideas.

Knowing-all-ideas-as-One is called Omniscience.

Yet notice, there is no Awareness of any idea until it is imaged by sensations (as an apparent word or ‘thing’)


Until the word appears there is no Awareness of Knowing or not-Knowing the meaning.

The meaning is not in the image of the word, for then it would be impossible to experience ‘illiteracy’ or to have multiple meanings for the same word.

Numbers too are ‘immaterial’. They cannot be Sensed. Only their representation is ever apparent. And no representation (eg four, quatre, 4, 2+2, g*^~, etc) is the number-Known.

No apparent form is the form-Known.

There is only one of each Known-form and it is perfect, without dimension.

Take the ‘cube’. It has six sides all the same. No such cube has ever been seen.

Notice any apparent cube shows only three sides distorted by the laws of perspective that constantly change shape and size as seen from different viewpoints.

Consciousness is this…

Sensing-sensations (colours, odours, flavours, feelings and sounds) and Knowing-ideas (number, form and meaning) with the Power to manifest within its Awareness ever-changing sensory patterns to accord with ideas that create the momentary experience of ‘my body’ and ‘my thoughts’ and ‘my feelings’ and ‘my surroundings’… as in a dream.

This is not ‘solipsism’ for Consciousness does not belong to any person.

Every person is an appearance in it.

Look straight ahead.

Without moving the eyes, notice the visual field appears like a circle with an indefinite edge.

Notice that ‘beyond the edge’ is neither ‘black’ nor ‘white’… simply nothing.

Notice no ‘body’ is apparent.

Now ‘look down’.

Notice the body appears as a foreshortened image distorted by the laws of perspective, with only the front of the torso and limbs apparent, but no head.

Where the head should be, the whole world appears (or at least that bit perceivable from the perspective of the person One seems to be)

This visual field is called the Single Eye of God (or Buddha). It is the Eye of Consciousness… the only Eye there is.

Plainly, Consciousness is not in any body, for every body (including the person each creature calls ‘me’) is an appearance in Consciousness (along with everything else)

This is Thou :)

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