It’s called filtering.
“Why didn’t you stick to this business model instead of promoting the idea of using your…

Filtering is what Google does far better than any word search you could put on your website.

The point is, that even after ‘filtering’ as the number of links grows into the thousands and millions and hundreds of millions and beyond (to encompass the world’s knowledge) a straight list with filters becomes useless for accessing all but the first page of links.

Worse, by paying money to promote links, over time those at the top would get more and more money which leaves every new idea further and further down the list.

No one has the time to spend trawling through lists to find the golden nuggets. It is why Google and others are putting so much effort into AI and the semantic web.

Do you think you can do a better job than the resources of Google? Of course, if you and your team were computer scientists perhaps you may. However, from looking at your site, I have my doubts.

Let me know when you get your first payment… though how will I know it is genuine — beyond your claim that it is?

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