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Here’s some real research into how to address the problem of minority votes, where a minority has more to gain (or lose) in total than the majority.

As you will see it recognises that public goods are different to private goods. It accepts that the market provides the best guide for the private sector, while some form of direct voting is needed to allocate public spending. As I have said, I agree with this concept, subject to professional advice and evidence for any proposal.

It also recognises that people must pay tax which goes into a pool.

The problem is how to allocate the pool to take account of the relative impacts between groups of any proposed spending.

I’ve not read it all in detail, but it does seem to address some of the problem you raise in a more scientific way than you are proposing.

(Though I have not got far enough in to understand how the stop the rich gaming the system).

Let me know what you think.

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