If you can begin to appreciate the diversity of people’s needs/interests… then you can begin to appreciate the absurdity of giving money to people for no good reason.
With basic income you want the government to give people money.

I’m not sure why you think I don’t appreciate the diversity of people’s needs.

I do appreciate the absurdity of expecting people to be able to meet their needs in a market economy that requires money to express those needs… when they don’t have any.

How do you suggest they get it?

As I see it, they can get it from family, charity, tax… and crime.

None of these in my view is satisfactory — while there is spare capacity in the economy.

In that case, we can simply create the money and allocate it to everyone to soak up the extra capacity.

People at the bottom will spend it with the businesses that best meet their needs for food, clothing and shelter, etc. The wealthy will just add it to their bank account, or spend it on a night out.

Regardless, all the money issued as the UBI will go quickly from individual hands to those who are the best at meeting their needs… just as you wish.

The question is what happens then?

The money needs to circulate. It needs to get back into the hands of those who need it week in week out.

How do you suggest this be done?

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