Because you’re worried that he would spend 100% of your money on hookers and booze?
You wouldn’t be giving him more power.

No, I don’t care what he does with his money, so long as he cannot use it to impose his will on me in relation to ‘common goods and services’.

If they are ‘common’, then I have as much right to determine them as any other citizen.

I don’t want a drug company CEO dictating how we should govern ourselves or manage common resources, including human resources. When it comes to the common good, his views should carry no more weight than any other person who is impacted by the decisions we make in common.

Having people addicted to prescription drugs is not in my or anyone’s interests, other than the drug company and especially its CEO.

I want to spend our common dollars on mitigating the circumstances that gives rise to drug abuse… like crushing poverty.

Poverty is a choice. There is no reason anyone should be without good food or decent accommodation and clothing and much else.

We have the resources. We don’t have the will. It is now proven that the best way to alleviate homelessness is to provide homes. And this not only solves the homeless problem, it actually helps people put their lives back together. Making a contribution and reducing the call on police and health care and support services.

Unfortunately, the idea of ‘free loaders’ is so ingrained that it obscures the benefits for everyone of creating a cohesive society where people help each other.