Your story is ridiculously incoherent
“For the simple reason they don’t have all the necessary understanding, though many may have the…

Only because you are reading into it what you think.

I’ve never said I want to abolish money. it has a role to play. i just don’t want to force it into the role of providing ALL the information required to allocate resources.

People make decisions based on information regarding many factors. The price they pay and accept represents the sum of the value they each accord to the transaction.

But you cannot go back the other way and infer from the price the factors that led each person to choose as they did.

As such, you cannot say that this price represents these needs, which people want more of.

One person may buy a house for the view, another the same house for the garden, another because of the neighbourhood. What do you supply more of if someone offers more money than the seller is asking because they think the real value is more?

Do you understand information theory?

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