We disagree on quite a few things but I think we both would prefer it if all the informed people, and only the informed people, determined your organization’s budget.
“For the simple reason they don’t have all the necessary understanding, though many may have the…

Precisely. But You are forgetting there are two sides.

One side is the buyer, the other is the seller.

The buyer is most informed about what they want (though not always so). And the seller is most informed about their own business. They also have to know what else is being offered in the market at what price.

The market is the place where these meet.

The buyer says I want this (whatever it is) and the seller says I have this.

The price is just one factor in the decision. Often several places down the list.

However, without money or insufficient money there is no sale. In this case the buyers needs go unmet. This is one of our major problems.

How do you solve this problem where people can only spend their own money for their own needs?

Also, seller has no way of knowing from the price what the buyer wants and the buyer has no way of knowing from the price what the seller is offering.

The price is simply an historical record of the agreed value to everyone (who is aware of the sale) of the goods and services provided by the seller to the buyer. Nothing more.

The buyer has to do there own research on the available products and services and the seller has to do their research on the wants and needs of their target market.

No one I have ever met thinks that price can give you all the information you need.

You are trying to make money fulfill a role for which it is not designed.

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