For those who can’t be bothered with math, at an annual growth rate of 20%, this Basic Income would build to $25,000 a year by 2025 and over $100,000 a year by the early 2030’s. You heard that right, Gada is proposing a model that will be guaranteeing a cool $100,000 a year to every citizen of the United States in around 15 years. Not just guaranteed, but absolutely necessary to keep the overall inflation rate above zero.
An exciting new idea in Basic Income
Jordan Greenhall

Seems strange: if prices are going down, you need less money to record the same volume of transactions.

Of course, as you require less people in the process, there remain some sectors where scarcity remains: eg housing location and size and quality. There is no use increasing income to acquire these as there is limited supply it just pushes up the price.

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