The duration and intensity of these dances vary: bees who have found more attractive sources of pollen dance longer and more excitedly to signal the value of their location.
You shared a link to Quadratic Voting (QV).

So please explain the biological link between money spent and wisdom.

All money does is signal what you value.

Unlike bees there is no link between money spent to signal what you think something is worth to the community and what it is actually worth to the community.

If you could predict that, you would be the perfect central planner.

The market works ‘invisibly’ because we each only have to know our own wants and decide how much of our own money to spend on them. We never have to guess what we think something is worth to anyone else, let alone the whole community!

If you would only work through an actual example you may finally understand the market requires both COMPETING consumers AND COMPETING producers.

Bees don’t compete. They simply signal what they know. This is collaborative behaviour. It is done for the good of the colony, not the bee doing the signalling.

If bees behaved like consumers they would keep the flower patch a secret and use the nectar for themselves.

Consumers don’t collaborate. They compete to get the resources THEY want. Can you imagine a consumer finding a prized object and signalling to other consumers to come and bid for it?

It is honestly amazing to me that with all your study you seem to have completely overlooked this fundamental point.

I can only assume that you began reading more advanced economic texts and thought you understood them, but without a strong grasp of the fundamentals.

Please go back to economics 101. Once we can agree the basics it will make more advanced discussion much more fruitful.

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