The current system of government rewards failure.

The idea that you spend your own money does not get over the ‘free rider’ problem for common goods and services.

Nor is it likely to achieve a better outcome as people are most likely to spend their money on partisan lines and philosophies.

Here is a Republican mayor who finally understands you need to spend money based on evidence:

The simple answer is to collect tax from everyone on a proportional basis, agree goals, set measures, establish programs to achieve specific results, track results and unfund programs that don’t work and boost funding for those that do.

Simply throwing your own money at a problem is a waste.

Pragmatism is based on a misconception that people with money know better than people without money about what’s best for the common good. There is zero evidence for this claim and lot’s of evidence to the contrary that shows most legislation follows the wishes of the top few percent of the population, not the wishes of the great majority.

Pragmatism is an economic theory, not a business principle that can be applied to the practical management of community resources.