If you’re doing a terrible job of meeting my needs, and everyone else’s needs, then your income must accurately/correctly/truly reflect this. It must be really low so that
“Everyone uses their own money to signal what they want produced to meet their own needs.”

Yes. Which will be true if I am young, old, incapacitated or their unpaid carer, or lack the knowledge and skills required by the market… over 50% of the population in many countries (when carers, unemployed and incapacitated people are deducted from the ‘working age’ population).

Since none of these people contribute anything to the economy, on your views, they should have no say in what gets produced to meet their needs, in fact they should not even be able to meet any of their needs at all - since they contribute nothing to the ‘economy’, they should get nothing.

Is this what you are saying?

If not, you’ll need to explain how half the population should be fed and clothed and educated and… supplied with all the other necessities of life.

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