Self-Driving Cars Are Not the Future
Paris Marx

You are assuming that we will continue to run the road network as a ‘free-for-all’

While there will be resistance to start, city by city we will switch our roads to being ‘managed networks’ operating autonomous but integrated electric transport. The aim is to have the optimum mix of walking, scooter l, single person pod and various configurations of multi-person vehicles that maximise network throughout. Freight should run autonomously at night.

Under these conditions it is counter-productive to add one more vehicle… as the congestion will slow the network.

It will mean people can book their journey and leave the system to allocate the mode that suits you within your price and time contraints. It will mean that instead of spending your ‘wait time’ stuck in traffic, you will spend it at your point of departure or destination.

Smooth flow easy change from mode to mode (inc walking) and virtually zero risk of accident

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