Can getting up earlier change your life?

Sophia recommended the Miracle Morning to me.

I watched the video (the one you see on the screen after registering). I read the two free chapters, listened to the audio file and decided to give it a try.

So I set my sleep cycle alarm clock to 4:15-5:00 am.

The first alarm got off at 4:33 am and I snoozed it :(

The next time it sounded I got up. It is 4:40 am. My Wife and the kids are still asleep. Which was one of my concerns that the little one which is co-sleeping in our bed would wake up but everything is fine.

The Miracle Morning consists of the following six steps with the recommended time in parentheses.

Silence (5min), Journaling (5min), Affirmation (5min), Visualisation (5min), Learning (20min) and Excercise (20min).

For the first day I knew I wanted to see what realistic times I would need to maybe adjust the alarm clock for the next day.

So this is what I have done:


Once in a while I already listened to the audio of Dr. Preetz (German). So the choice was easy. This took me 15 minutes.


Gratitude: I wrote down everything I am grateful for.

Dream: I wrote down what I dream of to achieve. Only while writing this text I realised that I should had written down any dreams I had while sleeping.

Lessons Learned: I had a backup alarm clock set for 5 am which then got of while I was midway through the hypnosis. Probaby I should change that to 6 am (the time I have to get up for work). Edit: Good thing I didn’t change it because my sleep cycle alarm crashed and didn’t woke me up.

This took me 10 minutes. Probably because I tipped all of it on my smartphone. With pen & paper this could probably be halved. But I like my notes digital.


I used these Affirmations but still have to translate them into German. And also add other categories like Heart, Body, Mind, Soul, Purpose and Relationships.


I visualized what I want to achieve. A vision board (as in the book/movie ‘The Secret’) is probably needed. I will make one after my defect router is switched for a replacement unit.

This only took 5 minutes like intended.


I choose to read the following book and finished the introduction chapter.

Glücklich ohne Grund! - Marci Shimoff

I set a timer for 20 minutes.


My choice is Freeletics.

Last year in my 15 weeks of Freeletics once or twice I got up and the first thing I’ve done was Freeletics. That wasn’t for me. I got circulation problems.

But with the magical Morning sports isn’t the first thing I do but the sixth. So I am awake for nearly an hour and I don’t have any problems with my Kreislauf.

It took me 60 minutes for two workouts including warmup and showering.


The total time of 2 hours is okay for a home office day.

For an office day I probably have to do a shorter workout or get up earlier.

Also I am thinking a lot about how this is compatible with my habit of staying up late to play RPGs (pen & paper) or Vampire Live LARP.

Edit: A power nap was recommend to me as a solution.


At the moment I think that getting up earlier is not the important thing.

The important thing is that you use that additional time to work on improving yourself.