Clemson and Ohio States off the field battle with Social Media

This past winter while Clemson and Ohio state were both fighting for a spot in the College Football Playoff, Sports Illustrated’s Pete Thamel wrote a piece about Clemson and Ohio States’ social media use and how they use a variety of social media strategys to lure the next big blue chip commit. In his article, Thamel highlights the typical days leading up to the Fiesta Bowl for Clemson and Ohio States social media team and gives a persepctive that most people do not realize is going on. Ohio State’s is a early 7 am meeting with dozens of people on the Ohio State media staff to come up with creative, unique ideas to capture that next big recruit to come to their university. Clemson has members of their staff taking photos, extensive videos, anything to produce content of behind the scenes action of a day in Scottsdale, Arizona before the Tigers game against the Buckeyes. What we see here is a battle unfolding. Both schools are national powerhouses who are after the same thing, top highschool talent. Thamel goes on by saying how university’s do not rely solely on the locker room tours, the stadiums, or the jerseys anymore. Young athletes need more to be lured to schools and Clemson and Ohio State are fully aware that it takes creative, outside the box ideas to grab the attention of top talent. Clemson and Ohio State are at the front lines of this type of recruiting, and they are certainly seeing the results. Both teams have regularly been compeeting for spots in the National Championship. In 2014, Ohio State took home the trophy and number one spot. This past year, Clemson’s clutch play in the fourth gave the tigers its second national title. I would not be surprised if more teams begin to take up this type of recruiting as well.