Clemson Social Media Strategy

Clemson’s Athletic Department is one of the most innovative and creative departments in all of college sports. Not only are they one of the best universities for athletics, but they are also one of the leading schools in using social media as a marketing tool for their schools brand and to make believe in what Clemson University has to offer. Clemson uses create video footage that lets fans get access to behind the scenes events that the average person might not be able to see. They also explain that they are not spending large amounts of money trying to bring in the best talent around, because it is already there. They look inward at people already present in the university to help with creative ways to reach fans at a personal level. Some other ways they are effective is they don’t just settle at working with the marketing department. They go outside the box and maybe will look to the arts and get advice from people who may not have a direct focus on marketing in sports, but have a certain skill that could be a minor but effective tool in what is trying to be accomplished. Clemson University seeks talent and help from all angles to try and recruit the best talent in the nation to want to become a Clemson, and their record is starting to show these results.