Inside the Growing Social Media Skills Gap

Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes explains why there is a growing social media skills gap and how companies are handling this problem. Holmes goes on by saying that billions of people use social media, and yet many do not know how to use social media to influence company’s ability to gage an audience and produce more buyers of whatever product that company is selling. Companies are starting to take advantage of new social media platforms such as Snapchat, that are used by a younger audience, but very few know how to use this type of social media marketing effectively. Companies are realizing know the value of prospective employees who know how to use social media in a way that grabs the attention of a certain demographic, gender, and age group. Social media is no longer a discrete activity to do when you take a break form work, but rather an integral part of the job. So much so that schools all over the country are beginning to create courses that teach young adults the skills necessary to be effective on social media branding. The biggest challenges companies face today, however, are trying to teach their current employers how to be effective on social media in such an unpredictable area. We live in a world where social media trends come and go faster than ever and it is our job to be able to develop the skills to take advantage of this rapidly growing market.