The voice of the Phillies incredible Twitter Account

When you think of the famous personalities of the Phillies today, you probably think of Odúbel Herrera, Pete Mackanin, or the Philly Phanatic. Tim Stoeckel, however, has become the voice of the Philadelphia Phillies Twitter account and has had a lot of fun with it. Tim’s efforts on the account often shows a lighter side to the Phillies struggling season. He provides humor when appropriate, breaking news, updates on in-house topics, as well as any other media opportunity he can think of. Tim says he has a lot of fun with it as he tries to engage with the audience on a daily business. One thing that Tim explained is that the content is most important. You can’t just print whatever you want because you think you need to. Tim Stoeckel says it is imperative to be your own personality and to not just hop on every trend available.

Tim has done an incredible job with keeping up with the account and realizes his job is a dream come true. One thing Tim wished wasn’t the case is the constant criticism for on the field manager decisions or player mishaps. He is not the General Manager, not the President, Just the voice of the Philadelphia Phillies.