I Didn’t Complain to HR
Donna Harris

I can so relate to Donna Harris. I have also been in business and a techie career for decades. I was told at one point when I was next in line for District Manager, by a Regional Manager, that “the government can make me hire you but they can’t make me promote you.” Like Ms. Harris, I never went to HR. I have never complained to HR in my life. I am now a Full Professor (tenured and international). My classes are 90% male. I teach the negative results of all types of discrimination and how it totally refocuses all of the creativity away from the organization’s mission and into petty, locker-room antics. There are precious few women who have fought to the top of tech jobs and the adjectives are rarely complimentary. BUT DO NOT ACCUSE ME OF GETTING MY JOB BY GOING THROUGH HR!! I earned every ounce of this job. I have to know it more thoroughly, I have to be more competent, I have to be better just to get my foot in the door and to get the smallest chance to be treated like I am the least capable person in the room. My colleagues have finally started to respect my work ethic, my capabilities, my knowledge, my abilities/skills, and the fact that I HAVE NEVER GONE TO HR no matter how badly they act. And I have NEVER taught a female student to go to HR — but I have taught hundreds how to code, Mr. Weinstein. You should be ashamed.

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