Go Eagles!

Super Bowl preparations interrupted blogging this week. That included securing under lock and key all means of self-destruction in case things don’t go well for my team. Okay, I’m kidding. Nevertheless, with thanks to Bryan Tomasovich from The Publishing World, I’ve curated here some recent articles, all close to my heart. Enjoy!

The Philadelphia Eagles Fired My Dad in 1971. I’m Just Starting to Get Over It.

No, this is not my autobiography. You can find that here. This piece is by Tyler Williams, the son of the Eagles coach who preceded my father. It’s good.

What Will It Take For The NFL (And America) To Change For Good?

This one’s a powerful opinion piece that mirrors my thinking that American football and America itself are attached at the hip.

I Quit the NFL but Have Hope for Football’s Future

I echo Chris Borland’s closing paragraph. It’s a good way to send me off to a good Super Bowl, no matter who wins.