Happy New Year, along with More Signs Football is Okay

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Football’s popularity, unique to any other sport, is from its status as the best team sport around. Consider,

· Vince McMahon, of WWE fame, is rumored to be resurrecting the XFL. No business person as savvy as McMahon would invest the time and money to restart a former competitor to the NFL if football was a dying sport.

· Within hours of word that owner Jerry Richardson would sell the Carolina Panthers, suitors lined up. Again, would that happen if football’s best days were over?

· A possibly groundbreaking fan experience is brewing with the new American Football League, a project of the FCFL — the Fan Controlled Football League. In the FCFL, blockchain technology gives control of personnel and play-calling to the fans in real time. Purportedly, the wisdom of the fan crowd will dictate the action. Any other sport landing in that market segment? Any other sport that could, effectively? Nope.

All sports have fanatics. All sports have celebrity players and coaches, villainous owners and drama galore. But football gives an experience unlike any other. Why are Americans still drawn to football more than other sport, notwithstanding the dip in TV ratings across most markets? The reason is simple and unnecessarily obscure: Americans are drawn to teamwork.

Food for thought.

Happy New Year.

Michael McCormack/Born Fanatic