Still BIRG*ing . . .

* BIRG = Basking In Reflected Glory, social science’s acronym for how a fanatic enjoys her team’s victory.

It’s too soon after the Super Bowl for me to blast on about pro football’s dysfunction. The League and its Players Association still have lots of problems to solve. But those problems aren’t going anywhere, and I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled programming soon. Until then, enjoy these two pieces in honor of a great end to the season.

First, here’s one for the head. It’s a good read and a very good reminder that not all is lost for football as America’s favorite sport.

This one’s for the heart and soul. Get some popcorn; it’s forty minutes long and worth every second. I dare you to keep your football fanaticism in check. Better yet, don’t bother. Just enjoy. [And check out the Easter egg at 36:17. Beautiful!]

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