Xcode Error? Oh — No !! :(

I’ve written some Xcode errors when building / compiling project to remind and note my self to avoid these errors in the future. :D

[YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED] These error solution isn’t the only one to solve problem. This happen to me (and to you) but the solution may not fixing your problem. If so, go to StackOverflow instead :D


This happen when I have CocoaPods dependency which declare a such type of SomeType which of course it is ‘risky’ to declare a brand of new type with the same name (in my case, I declare a typealias with same name). Before get this type of error (which I am a junior dev who unable to determine :) whether this is a compilation error or build error), Xcode display a warning which inform that there is internal error occured.

internal error warning by Xcode
segmentation fault error
error information

See? In the error information above, JSQMessage somewhere is passed and converted to the type JSQMessageData which always fail and raise error because compiler take JSQMessage.Type from my typealias :

typealias JSQMessage = (String, String, String) -> Void

How to fix this issue?

Because the typealias’s name I’ve declared already reserved by some framework, then I just rename the typealias.

typealias MyMessage = (String, String, String) -> Void