The Clock of Fears

This is a poem made by me two weeks ago. I’m 14 years old. I firmly believe in my dreams and I’m constantly researching, studying, practicing and trying to achieve them. But I got to admit I’m scared, I’m scared that I’m too lazy, I’m scared that I am not good enough. I’m scared of time passing with me stuck in an endless cycle of dreaming but never achieving. I’m scared but I continue fighting…

This is a small part of my hopeful soul expressed on words.

The Clock of Fears

You can see it in dad’s eyes

Shame, regret and light

You can see it in mom’s scars

Their dreams didn’t last

Auntie pretends she isn’t sad

That money healed all the past

Grandpa makes jokes of all

Acting like he has the control

The truth seems buried underground

A perfect life is always set up

Success seems so easy to find

Then why tears are falling down?

When the clock moves right

When life doesn’t go as planned

When wishes move left

All people here are scared

You don’t want it too

Your future is bright. You

Think. Your future is

What your heart dreams. You

Runaway of the clock of fears.

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