What to do when you don’t have specific goals for the new year?

Everybody has plans…

The end of 2017 was slowly coming to an end. Most people started to talk about their new wishes and plans for the coming year: healthy food, training, new job, etc. This old cliche “New Year, New Me” could be heard on every corner. And different articles could be found on the internet: make your wish list, write down your goals, plan your year. What is fascinating is that people did it again. They were talking about things they would bring into their life on January 1st. If somebody needs a specific date to start something, that’s fine with me! Just go ahead, stick to it, and good luck to you! I had the feeling that everybody knew what they wanted in 2018.

…except me!

I didn’t. I didn’t talk about my plans, my wishes, my aims for 2018. I was remembering some details of 2017, and highlights that made it so special and memorable. I thought this summing up would lead me to the new things I wanted. It didn’t. That scared me a bit. OK, a lot! For a short time I was confused. Is this natural? Am I the only one? How come I don’t have any specific wishes for the next year? If you asked me to name one single thing I wanted for myself in 2018, I would have said I didn’t know. Was this the end?

I started to communicate all this to my friends who told me it was fine. The reason was that I have a few opportunities, not connected at all, but ones that could bring me a completely new lifestyle. “All right. And now what?” I asked. “Enjoy the process!” they said.

Enjoy the process

Easy to say, ha? On December 31st I did make my own list. It was not that hard at all since I still didn’t come up with those basic wishes. But you know what? I didn’t need to. I wrote down how I want my life to look next year; which kind of new people I want to meet, what I want to enjoy, how I want to feel every single day for the next 365 days, how I want to develop and grow both personally and professionally. These kinds of things are specific to me, so they could be for you, too.

Describe your dream life, describe the people you want to be surrounded with, the job you want to have, your boss and colleagues, how you would like to spend your free time. Make the best life plan that will bring a smile to your face every time you look at it. Keep it close and don’t give up!

Happy New Year and enjoy the process! :)


Are you the one who wrote down 10 things you want in 2018 or the one who will enjoy the process? Leave your reply in comments.

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