Socialization occurs for everyone and each time it happens it brings a different impact on you. The two most prominent times where I was socialized are when I started working at a hospital and when I started high school. these are instance of re-socialization which are, old behaviors that were helpful in a previous role are removed because they are no longer of use(book) .When starting high school, you are entering a society that is seen as more mature and more advanced than that of middle school. When starting I had to learn the beliefs and the norms that surround high school as to join the society and not stand out and be viewed as an outsider or outcast.

The second time I had to be socialized into a society is when I joined the workforce at the hospital. According to the book workers require new socialization into a workplace, in terms of both material culture and non-material culture(book) .The hospital has its own society with its own values, beliefs, values, and norms that must be followed to join the society with success. When compared too other medical facility’s the hospital followed a stricter but more team orientated society. This caused me to become more straight forward and start to rely on others as they rely on me. The skills needed to blend into this society where also very different then the ones I had. This caused me to relearn all that I knew and expand my knowable and skill base far from what it was to become part of this functioning society.

Of the three theoretical perspectives discussed and their views on society I believe I most identify with conflict theory. Conflicts theory on socialization is that they are socializing to expand their power and grasp. They are also using socialization to keep and increase the support for them. I most identify with conflict theory’s perspective on socialization because I believe that everything you do is an attempt to increase or keep your power weather that be putting someone else down or increasing your support.

I believe everybody in this world in any essence of socialization are using it to enhance their power. This can be seen throughout the world I am in as in when someone enters the new society the people with the power at the top who are helping with the socialization are making sure that those entering society know that they have the power and should support them so they can keep the position of power.