“Food is fuel”

Have you heard that before?

It basically implies that we should eat what serves us nutritionally and not associate food with pleasure or any other feeling for that matter.

While I agree food is fuel, it doesn’t take into account the bigger picture.

Yes food provides us with the nutrients we need to stay alive (always a good thing).

But we are not cars, nor robots.

Every year my family gathers at my grandmother’s garage to begin the day-long process of making salami and tomato sauce from scratch.

Could we simply go out and buy it from the supermarket instead?


But it’s not just about the food.

It’s about culture, tradition, connection to those we are closest to.

Food isn’t just food — it has memories attached to it, we celebrate with it, form bonds over it, express creatively through it.

I used to be scared of feeling pleasure and enjoying my food because I thought I would never stop eating or that I would always crave and choose food that wasn’t what I thought was “healthy”.

After a while of listening to what my body truly wanted and enjoying my food, I realized this wasn’t the case.

When you know the food is going to be there tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, you don’t feel the need to stuff it all in at once.

Humans crave pleasure — so enjoy whatever it is that brings you pleasure, including food.