I am enough

One of the most powerful things we can tell ourselves all day, every day,

every time we feel ashamed,
every time we feel small,
every time we feel broken,
every time we feel depressed,
every time we feel hopeless,
every time we feel powerless,
every time we feel like giving up,
every time we feel overwhelmed,
every time we feel rejected,



Write it on all your mirrors,
write it on post-it notes and stick it all over the walls of your house,
put reminders on your phone throughout the day.

You see, when we are very small children, we assume everything that doesn’t go right is our fault.
If mummy and daddy are fighting, it is my fault.
If daddy leaves, it is my fault.
If a kid at school doesn’t like me, it is my fault.

Know that it wasn’t ever true, not at any time, that you weren’t enough.

You are enough to be loved.
You are enough to be accepted.
You are enough to be appreciated.
You are enough to be adored.
You are enough to be cherished.

You are enough and you don’t even have to do a thing to prove it.