our bodies..

I went shopping on the weekend for some new underwear.
I was waiting outside of the change rooms for my mum as she was trying something on too, and a girl peeked her head out from the curtain, making sure her body wasn’t at all exposed.

This saddened me, as this is yet another everyday example of the many ways we are taught to relate to and treat our bodies -

to feel shame toward them,
to hide them,
to shape-shift them into something more socially acceptable in order for them to be accepted and loved,
to pick them apart as if they were car parts we can trade in for a more upgraded, cooler model.

Our bodies are so much more than just what they look like.

They are the giver of life, 
they are the portal to higher consciousness,
they are a work of art.

To deny our bodies is to deny our whole selves.